10 Most Popular Girl Names in the United States Complete with Origins and Meanings

Here is 10 most popular girl names in the United States complete with origins and meanings.

1. Luna
The name Luna comes from the Latin word "luna", which means "moon". Luna is often associated with beauty and gentleness, as the moon is considered a symbol of beauty and gentleness in various cultures. Some sources also link the name Luna with the ability to provide inspiration and wisdom. Luna is a popular name for baby girls worldwide and can be interpreted as "a woman who is beautiful and gentle like the moon" or "a woman who has the wisdom and ability to inspire".

2. Elizabeth
The name Elizabeth comes from the Hebrew name "Elisheva" which means "God is an oath" or "God is a pledge". The name can also be interpreted as "filled with the strength of God" or "blessed by God". In the Bible, Elizabeth is the name of the mother of John the Baptist. The name Elizabeth is often associated with qualities such as kindness, gentleness, intelligence, and trust.

3. Amelia
The name Amelia comes from the Germanic name "Amal" which means "hardworking" or "determined" and "Heim" which means "home" or "dwelling place". The name is often associated with qualities such as perseverance, independence, creativity, and hard work.

4. Zoe
The name Zoe comes from the Greek word "zōē" which means "life" or "fortune". In Christianity, Zoe is used as a term to express eternal life or the life given by Christ. The name Zoe is often associated with qualities such as joy, happiness, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. It has been used in various cultures and has become popular as a girl's name worldwide.

5. Anaya
The name Anaya originates from Sanskrit and it means "endless" or "unceasing". This name is commonly used in India and other Sanskrit-speaking countries. Anaya can also be interpreted as "God's gift" or "invaluable gift".

6. Anastasia
The name Anastasia originates from ancient Greek and consists of two words, "ana" meaning "back" or "restoration", and "stasis" meaning "stable" or "upright". Therefore, Anastasia can be interpreted as "one who returns to stability" or "one who stands upright again after going through difficulties or changes".

In some cultures, Anastasia is also associated with the meaning of resurrection or new life after death or suffering, especially in the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith that honors Saint Anastasia who became a martyr in the 4th century. Because of its meaning and origin, Anastasia is a beautiful and strong name choice with positive connotations.

7. Mia
The name Mia originates from Italian, Scandinavian, and German languages, and has different meanings depending on its language of origin. Generally, Mia is interpreted as "mine" or "beloved" in Italian, and as "queen" or "great" in Scandinavian languages. In German, Mia is interpreted as "gift from God" or "pure".

Mia is a popular name worldwide due to its short and easily pronounceable sound, as well as its meaningful interpretations. This name is often chosen by parents who are looking for a concise and memorable name for their baby girl.

8. Ophelia
Nama Ophelia berasal dari bahasa Yunani Kuno yang terdiri dari dua kata, yaitu "ophelos" yang berarti "pertolongan" atau "bantuan", dan "philein" yang berarti "mencintai". Dengan demikian, Ophelia dapat diartikan sebagai "yang mencintai pertolongan" atau "yang mencintai membantu orang lain".

Nama Ophelia juga terkenal karena kemunculannya dalam karya sastra terkenal karya William Shakespeare, yaitu "Hamlet". Dalam drama tersebut, Ophelia adalah karakter wanita yang digambarkan sebagai sosok yang lemah dan rapuh, tetapi tetap setia pada cinta dan kesetiaannya. Nama Ophelia sering dipilih oleh orangtua yang mencari nama yang unik dan bersejarah untuk anak perempuan mereka.

9. Shifa
The name Shifa originates from Arabic and means "healing" or "cure". Shifa is a noun used to refer to the process of healing or cure from a disease or disability. The name Shifa is often associated with the qualities of healing or treatment, and is often linked to God as the ultimate source of healing.

The name Shifa is a popular choice for Muslim parents naming their baby girls, as it carries positive connotations as a name that signifies healing and treatment. This name is also commonly used as part of a Muslim full name, such as "Aisyah Shifa" or "Fatimah Al-Shifa".

10. Ava
The name Ava originates from German and means "life" or "given life". The name Ava is also associated with the name "Eva" which comes from Hebrew and means "life". In some sources, the name Ava is also interpreted as "bird" or "eagle" in Latin.

Ava is a popular name around the world and is often chosen by parents who are looking for a short, easy-to-pronounce name with a positive meaning. The name Ava is also known as an elegant and beautiful name for baby girls.