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DermClear Reviews: Unveiling the Secrets to a Younger You

DermClear, a renowned aesthetic clinic in Singapore, promises "bespoke beauty solutions, in minutes." With a comprehensive range of treatments and a patient-centric approach, DermClear has garnered a loyal following. But before you embark on your aesthetic journey with them, let's delve into what DermClear offers and what their clients have to say.

Stepping into DermClear, you're greeted by a menu of aesthetic treatments designed to address a variety of concerns, from facial rejuvenation to body contouring. Whether you're seeking a non-surgical facelift with threadlifts or want to tackle acne scarring with fractional CO2 laser, DermClear likely has a solution tailored to your needs. Their offerings include popular options like botox microinjections and dermal fillers, ensuring they stay at the forefront of aesthetic advancements.

What sets DermClear apart is its unwavering commitment to three core principles: safety, technology, and expertise. They prioritize using scientifically proven methods and FDA-approved equipment, ensuring the safety and efficacy of their treatments. At the helm is Dr. Chin Yee Choong, their medical director, who boasts nearly three decades of experience in the field. Clients rave about his honesty, skill, and dedication to achieving natural-looking results, making him a sought-after aesthetic physician in Singapore.

To gain a deeper understanding of DermClear's reputation, we turn to the voices of their past clients. Reviews paint a consistently positive picture, highlighting Dr. Chin's professionalism, patience, and effectiveness. Many clients appreciate the clinic's cleanliness, punctuality, and genuine approach, devoid of any pressure to undergo unnecessary procedures. Overall, DermClear seems to excel in providing personalized care and expertise, leaving clients feeling valued and satisfied.

Here's a summary of key takeaways from client reviews:
  • Effective Treatments: Clients consistently report noticeable improvements in their skin's health and appearance after undergoing treatments like IPL and CO2 laser.
  • Honest Recommendations: Dr. Chin is known for his transparency, recommending only the treatments that genuinely address a client's concerns.
  • Positive Experience: Clients consistently praise the clinic's clean environment, friendly staff, and efficient service.

So, is DermClear the right choice for you?

If you're seeking a reputable aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers a wide range of evidence-based treatments in a comfortable and welcoming setting, DermClear is definitely worth considering. With their focus on patient satisfaction, natural-looking results, and personalized care, they might be the key to unlocking your inner confidence and achieving your aesthetic goals.


DermClear Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
1 Grange Road, Orchard Building #10-03
(above the H&M Orchard flagship store)
Singapore 239693

Tel: +65 6356 5005
Email: enquiry@dermclear.com.sg

Operating Hours:
10.30am – 7pm (Mon-Fri)
10.30am – 3pm (Sat)
Closed on Sun & Public Holidays


Beatrice Liu: My skin never been better after seeing Dr Chin regularly. Rather than spending on facials with limited benefits, doing Ipl and co2 laser has given my skin a new life. No hard selling and very good service too. Highly recommend!

N Ng: Dr Chin is one of the rare gems in the business! I love that he is honest in his recommendations and doesn’t push unnecessary procedures unlike others. The prices are very fair, considering the doctor’s skill and quality of the equipment and products. Most importantly, I see results. I highly recommend the vitamin C serum which easily trumps other brand-name ones in the market. Can’t live without it! The location is also very convenient for me. I couldn’t recommend Dr Chin and his team highly enough!

Nellie Ng: I don’t usually do reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed my IPL session with the clinic. As I was new to laser, i didn’t know which laser was suitable for me. During the consultation, dr chin was very patient and took his time to explain the benefits for each laser. Because I’ve a peach fuzz on my face, he recommended the IPL which felt like rubber band snaps. It can be shocking at first but totally bearable. Can’t wait for my next session! 😂

Phyllis Ng: Chanced upon Dermclear while looking for some treatments online. Decided to try some treatments for my skin and I really enjoyed the professionalism and experience of Dr Chin. Results are good and I’m definitely satisfied! Definitely going back again!

Jian Long Lui: I went to DermClear on the recommendation of my aunt to do some laser facial treatment. Location is good and the doctor knows his stuff. This clinic operates via word of mouth rather than paying bloggers to advertise, so I feel more assured. Most of the clientele are tai tais who prefer a highly experienced doctor.

Na G: My sisters did botox & fillers with Dr Chin and thereafter the result was extremely well. Thus I decided to try Botox (Jawline) combined with Microbotox Lift and the result came back superb. I like that Dr Chin is punctual (didn't have to wait as compared to other aesthetic clinics even with appointment timing booked), he was super professional, the entire process was completed extremely fast & efficient which was faster than my expectation (being an impatient person myself, they deserve a "5 stars" rating) - including the team, the female consultant who was with me in the room, as well as the therapist who clean up my face etc are all nice and professional. I like a fuss-free experience: enter the room, consultation was done fast enough, procedure was extremely fast, snap AND I am out of the room.

Gotcha Gotcha: Friendly and professional service..... always on time . Been going to Dermclear Clinic for a few years and I am very happy with their procedures and results. Very knowledgeable and happy to discuss needs..... definitely would recommend!