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Dermatology & Co Reviews: Unveiling a Patient-Centric Experience

Dermatology & Co is a dermatology clinic in Singapore that offers a wide range of services, including medical, procedural, and aesthetic dermatology. The clinic is led by Dr. Tan Wei Sheng and Dr. Ker Khor Jia, both experienced specialists in their field. 

Many patients have praised Dermatology & Co for its patient-centric approach, effective treatments, and comfortable environment. Reviewers consistently praise the attentiveness and friendliness of both Dr. Tan and Dr. Ker. They take the time to explain diagnoses, treatment plans, and answer questions thoroughly. Many patients report significant improvements in their skin conditions, from acne and eczema to pigmentation and hair loss. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic, along with the short waiting times, is another highlight for patients. Reviewers commend the professionalism of the entire staff, from the receptionists to the nurses.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in Singapore who prioritizes personalized care, effective treatments, and a comfortable environment, Dermatology & Co is a great option to consider. With a team of experienced specialists and positive patient experiences, this clinic is definitely worth considering for your next dermatology consultation.

Here are some additional details about the clinic:

Location: 6 Napier Road, #09-07 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499

Contact: TEL (65) 6775 0907, WHATSAPP (65) 8779 7948, EMAIL: hello@dermatologyandco.sg

Website: http://www.dermatologyandco.sg/


Tarn Siripanichgorn: Nice experience coming here. Doctor Tan is very patient and he explains all my concerns really well. Glad to visit the clinic today.

The staffs are also very nice. Recommended!

KS Lim: I have been seeing Dr Ker for a while now. She's absolutely a fantastic and friendly doctor. The place is well run and her staff are warm and welcoming. While anxiously waiting for my day surgery, they even asked if I needed some music to help relax. It's a highly patient centric clinic and I always enjoy my visit and catching up with people here. Wishing her team a great new year ahead! Special thanks to this excellent team

Rina T: We met Dr Ker to treat a wound/ scar management. She is professional and provides good information. I like how she suggests a follow up with a clear photo of the wound & offer that we pickup some topical medicine instead of scheduling another visit. Very good!!

Joanna Zhan: I came to see Dr Ker for an inflammatory skin condition related to autoimmune issues.

I really appreciated that she walked me through each step slowly and patiently, explaining what I needed to know and answering my questions along the way. Plus, she equips me with the knowledge of what to do should my skin react badly to any of the products in between appointments.  Though we are still in the process of treating my skin, I can slowly start to see improvement and feel confident that we will get there some day. I felt comforted that she was able to treat my skin in conjunction with my other medication regimes.

I really appreciate how in my past 3-4 visits or so, making appointments has been a breeze because Jen replies super quickly, all staff are friendly and I have never needed to wait more than 10 minutes to see the doctor/ pay my bill and collect my products- all of which are truly rare in doctors clinics these days.

Jo N: i get why this place is so popular now! Dr Ker is so friendly, gentle and professional. shared with her my skin troubles and she was able to provide solutions to them immediately and preventive creams in case it comes up.

i feel taken care of by her and her warmness definitely made my time at the clinic so worth the trip!

Xiu Long Yudhi Li: Had Eczema at a few parts of hands, neck and lip in 2018. Went to a couple of specialist without success.

Visited Dr.Ker starting from 2019. Most of the Eczema recovered within a few months. In 2021, no more cream treatments required and recovered 100%.

Dr. Ker was patient to explain the healing process. Dos and Donts etc.

I was late for a couple of appointments but the nurse manage to squeeze me in.

Mariko Kitamura: I’ve been suffering from severe eczema for more than 20 years. Forever grateful to Dr. Ker for recommending me to take Dupixent to treat my eczema issues. Nurses are attentive and professional, with special thanks to Jen for helping me with my Dupixent injection every treatment.

Rita Yuan: The best dermatology clinic in Singapore. Great improvement on my skin, used to get acne prob. See significant improvements in 2 month, now very good maintenance. Dr Ker is really professional and kind, very careful checkup with effective treatment plan.

mic leow: The ladies at the front desk was welcoming and friendly.  Bonus point for the first impression even before consultation . Dr Tan was knowledgeable and take times to explain my boy’s condition . A list of “ Dos” and recommendations of creams to purchase was even written down for him to follow up at home.  Am impressed that Dr Tan only prescibe the necessary and even genuinely said that no follow up will be needed.

Jeremy Yeo TM: Dermatology & Co is nothing short of amazing! From the day I was admitted into the A&E, Dr Ker who was the specialist assigned to my case demonstrated extreme professionalism, immense patience and great care. During my week-long stay in the ward, Dr Ker visited daily to check on progress of my condition, gave easy-to-understand explanations, and dispensed the most effective medication. Upon discharge, I was also connected to Dr Ker and her team via WhatsApp which they responded very promptly on. I had some after-care concerns which they addressed very effectively and they even gave me the necessary assurance that I was on the road to recovery. When I visited the clinic for my follow-up, I was treated with such care and professionalism from their Concierge service, to the Nursing procedure which I had to undergo, right up to the collection of meds. I had such a pleasant experience being taken care of by the incredible team at Dermatology & Co. I highly recommend them if you're in the search of a skin, hair, laser and children specialist.

Poonsak Sinthawat: In 2022, I had a chance to pay regular visits to Dermatology & Co, particularly with Dr.Tan. I was impressed by many details but here are some of my selected highlights;

(1) Professionalism: My end-to-end journey has been rather seamless, from the time slot reservation to doctor visit and insurance payment claim process with Cigna.

(2) Cozy environment: You won't feel like you're actually at the hospital - the warm and harmonious wooden decoration with clean scent make the (short) waiting time much more pleasant and relaxing.

(3) High quality product offerings: I was offered high quality products; from imported Minoxidil pills (where I was told later by other derms that this is quite rare to find in the market) to skin cares that are suitable for ultra sensitive skin individuals like myself.

(4) Dr.Tan himself - Dr.Tan is such an amiable personality. He took time to go out of his way by truly learning about you, understanding the clients' lifestyles so that he can proactively prescribe the products that are customized to each patient's needs. For instance, I was diagnosed with Sebderm but I love active outdoor sports like diving and wakesurfing. Tailoring to my needs, Dr.Tan proactively prescribed the Heliocare (sunscreen pills) which will potentially reduce the trigger of my skin redness from applying regular sticky sunscreen while allowing me to still enjoy diving. Thanks for helping me take care of my skin without compromising what I love to do :)