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Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic Reviews: A Comprehensive Healthcare Haven for Families in Clementi

Nestled in the heart of Clementi, Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and families alike. With a team of dedicated and experienced doctors, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of medical services, ensuring that patients receive the utmost care and attention.

At the heart of Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic lies a genuine commitment to patient-centered care. Doctors prioritize active listening, taking the time to understand each patient's concerns and crafting personalized treatment plans. This approach is particularly evident in the positive feedback surrounding Dr. Teo and Dr. Caleb, who are lauded for their patience, expertise, and ability to connect with children.

Convenience is another hallmark of Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic. Recognizing the hectic schedules of modern families, the clinic extends its operating hours, opening from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and offering weekend consultations. Additionally, telemedicine services are available, further enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

The clinic's commitment to quality extends beyond its patient-centric approach and convenient hours. Patients consistently praise the effectiveness of the treatments provided, often reporting rapid improvement and satisfaction with the prescribed medications. This commitment to excellence is further underscored by the clinic's utilization of modern equipment and adherence to the latest medical advancements.

While some reviews mention occasional wait times and inconsistencies in staff interactions, the overall sentiment towards Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic remains overwhelmingly positive. The clinic's dedication to personalized care, coupled with its effective treatments and convenient hours, positions it as a trusted healthcare provider for families in the Clementi area. For those seeking a clinic that prioritizes their well-being, Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic emerges as a clear choice.


321 Clementi (Below Eng Wah Cinema)
321 Clementi Ave 3 #01-14/15
Singapore 129905

Tel: +65 6776 6177
Email: cfac.clementi@gmail.com

Opening Hours
In-person Consultation
Mon – Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat – Sun: 8am to 6pm
PH:  8am to 6pm

Mon - Fri   6pm to 10pm


Jason Soon: My family and me has been to this clinic for more than 4 years since we shifted to Clementi. Never had a rude visit. All the doctors are good irrespective what you read others have written. Staff are polite. Sitting areas are limited. What can you with the small  square sized of the clinic. It is maximised. Can't put chairs outside as it is a 5 foot way for public. At least there is TV to show you number.  Ifthe queue is long, you know you have a good or maybe a caring doctor.

Vivien Goh: I would like to thank the counter staff for allowing me to get doc's consultation before I sort out my coporate health benefit. She patiently waited for me to clear the system before calling me to the counter. Always had good experience in this clinic with both the docs and staffs. Thank you.

Rebecca Lim: This clinic is my "go to clinic" since a couple of years ago and i have met all resident doctors there. Really appreciate the patience all doctors have during the consultation and effort they put in to give me the diagnosis/remedy each time. I also don't mind the newly implemented telemeds service since I still get to meet the resident doctors in the clinic just not "physically".

Kris NG: I consulted with Dr Caleb Teo and Dr Malini a few times over the last couple of years, for both myself and my daughter.
Even during peak hours when the clinic is crowded, I never once felt rushed during the consultation. The doctors take the time to listen to my concerns and ask questions, before diagnosing or prescribing medicine. They are very good with young kids too!

Yan Li: Visited on fourth day of non stop high fever after two previous doctor visits including NUH. Super thankful to be finally diagnosed correctly and prescribed the right medication. Felt better in less than 24 hours. I could finally sleep the night. Super thankful to Dr Teo Eng Yee for not only his medical proficiency but his passion and enthusiasm for the medical field that I could feel through his explanations and diagnosis process.

Ruth Sek Wan Ru: Truly my go to clinic whenever my family or I are not feeling well. We will specifically look for Dr Teo as he is very patient in understanding your condition and very friendly.
Although there are a few clinics near that area, this clinic is exceptionally busy because the medication is good and effective!
Highly recommend!

Belinda Ting: My entire family drives from all over Singapore to come to this clinic because the hours are amazing. It opens very early and closes at 10 pm. Of course the real deal:  The doctors ! I’ve seen Dr Jeff, Joanna and Caleb for my unending kids issues ranging from ear infections to burn wounds ( I never have to wait in KKH ever again since I know these doctors are always there ) . Sometimes the problems are not serious enough for the emergency room but still needs a doctor to look at it . These doctors aren’t your Panadol docs. They think out of the box and are attentive to detail . My favourite bit is not having to wait inside when there’s people in the clinic . The prata store next door is my waiting room :).

Rebecca Tan: The doctors and staff there are really nice and friendly! Dr Foo was on duty when I visited and she's really friendly and assured me about my condition. I had to return to the clinic the next day to collect my Medical Cert as i forgot to request for it when i visited them. They were happy to assist and responded really quickly via email, when i mentioned that I needed it urgently for school. Strongly recommend to everyone!! Especially if you can't find a clinic that is open on Sundays or late nights (they close at 10pm) 😄

Grace W.: 8am opening hours is an advantage. Wait was reasonable. doctor was fast and swift in her diagnosis. Overall experience is great.

Derek Tan: It's hard to find a clinic that's opened 7 days a week and I was lucky to locate one. Had a chance to be seen by Dr. Caleb and it was a pleasant experience as he was professional and at the same time friendly. He took the time required to explain the questions I've regarding my condition and ensured that I understood what was needed to be done before I left the clinic. Nice and clean environment. Will definitely patronise this clinic again if I ever had the need.