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Claymore Clinic Reviews: Unveiling the Patient Experience

Are you considering aesthetic treatments but feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Look no further than Claymore Clinic, a haven for those seeking a personalized approach to achieving their desired look. This review delves into patient experiences at Claymore Clinic, helping you decide if it's the right fit for you.

Founded by Dr. Chew Wu Chong, a medical professional with an impressive background and a passion for natural-looking results, Claymore Clinic stands out for its commitment to patient-centric care. Dr. Chew's expertise and genuine care shine through in numerous patient reviews, highlighting his ability to understand individual concerns and recommend suitable treatments that align with patient goals.

Patients consistently rave about the positive outcomes they've experienced at Claymore Clinic. From tackling age spots and pigmentation to achieving a V-shaped face and improved skin texture, the clinic's treatments deliver impressive results. The clinic's warm and welcoming atmosphere, fostered by Dr. Chew and his attentive staff, further enhances the patient experience. Patients appreciate the clinic's positive vibes, pain-free procedures, and genuine care for their well-being.

A refreshing aspect of Claymore Clinic is the absence of pressure to purchase unnecessary treatments. Unlike some clinics that prioritize sales over patient needs, Dr. Chew prioritizes evidence-based recommendations and genuinely seeks the best outcomes for his patients. This commitment to patient satisfaction sets Claymore Clinic apart, making it a trusted choice for those seeking aesthetic enhancements.

If you're seeking a trustworthy and results-oriented aesthetic clinic in Singapore, Claymore Clinic emerges as a strong contender. With Dr. Chew's expertise, a patient-centric approach, and a commitment to achieving natural-looking results, Claymore Clinic might just be the key to unlocking your aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation today and experience the Claymore Clinic difference firsthand.


442 Orchard Road #01-10
Claymore Connect, Orchard,
Singapore 238879

Opening Hours:
Tue to Fri: 11am to 7pm
Sat & Sun: 11am to 6pm
Mon: Closed

phone+65 6518 3383
whatsapp+65 9017 0136
email claymoreclinic@gmail.com

*By Appointment Only*


Vera Toh: Dr Chew is absolutely wonderful! His clinic offers a variety of treatments and his assistants are lovely! He is always looking out for the latest options in the market, and recommends the most suitable ones to his clients! He offers competitive pricing, with instantaneous and lasting results! Highly recommended!

Ying Fang: Doctor and the staff here are very friendly. Have been with them for about a year and just renewed my package! Can tell the differences on my face after doing the lasers.

Michelle Ho: Firstly I really would like to thank Dr Chew throughout my whole treatment on my dark pigmentation by laser.
In the past not matter how much effort I do at the end is useless never get too see any improvement.
At here, Dr Chew really help me wipe out my dark ugly pigmentation.  .

Secondly Dr Chew botox was so nice make me look so young , no wrinkles and no stone on my chin.

Lastly my whole face look younger must have a big thank to Dr Chew.

Shen Xuhuai: Dr Chew is very friendly and patient on explaining the concept regarding Aesthetics; he can speak good English and Mandarin. I have done Botox on my chewing muscle to make my face more V shape, it is super effective and worth every single cent. I would like to recommend another treatment called Ultraformer MPT to tighten the skin area chin and neck.

Endowus - Eng Chiang Ong: ECOng - January 12, 2024
Title: **Fantastic Results! Highly Recommend Dr. Chew!**
I discovered Dr. Chew through a friend's recommendation for skin and hair treatments. Not big on aesthetics, but wanted to tackle age spots and hair loss. Dr. Chew's practical plan and clear explanations won me over. Results started kicking in by the 5th treatment, and the friendly team made every visit a breeze. Almost two years later, still loving the easy maintenance and confident in recommending Dr. Chew!

H N: Dr Chew and his well trained staff are great at what they do. Dr Chew is passionate about medical aesthetics and anti-aging therapies and doesn’t introduce the latest technologies without running a trial (including testing on themselves) in the clinic first. Their first hand accounts are very reassuring when trying out new treatments. The clinic carries a whole range of the latest technologies ranging from pico/fractional lasers, different types of HIFU/RF, HA/nutrient/collagen/elastin rejuvenation boosters to botox and more. There’s no better testament to my improved skin when friends ask where I had my treatments and becoming clients at Claymore clinic themselves!

Ming Storm: Great care and the doctor and staff explained the treatment to me.  No numbing cream required and the treatment was tolerable.  It took about 45 min to do the whole face and neck area.  After the treatment, I can feel my face slightly tight and dry, which they have informed me to keep it moisturised more the following week.  It's only been a week, and I can see my neck is firmer and hoping to see better and more results on my face in the next few weeks.  It was a very pleasant experience. Doctor and staff were very knowledgeable about the procedure. Highly recommend

S H Lee: I’ve been seeing Dr Chew for my skin problems since 2017. When he started his practice during Covid, my girlfriends and I followed him to Claymore Clinic.

Dr Chew listens to my concerns and  recommends appropriate treatments which worked for my skin. Bye bye oily skin, pigmentation and acne!

Dr Chew is affable and professional, with excellent bedside manners. He is a treasure trove of knowledge - I always leave the clinic learning something new!

Best part of it all - there is no hard sell at this clinic.

It is such a joy coming to Claymore Clinic because the staff like Karen and Yenny are like friends.

Candra Lim: Attentive service from Karen, Yen Nee and May. Always wear a smile. Doctor Chew always keep me abreast with necessary and updated treatment advice. Love the song selection.😎 Keep up the good work! Will visit often.

Teresa Chan: Very satisfied and happy. The team is very professional, caring and helpful . Dr Chew is very knowledgeable and he explains his diagnosis and treatment approach with much detail so that you know what to expect - no surprises.

Vickie Cheong: Dr Chew is an experience and knowledgeable doctor. He advocates and practices evidence based on aesthetic medicine and regularly attends aesthetic medicine conferences and trainings organised locally and oversea to craft his skills and knowledge to the best possible in order to provide the best aesthetic result for his patients.

Berna SEKHON: I am extremely satisfied with the services I have received at the clinic
Aways professional, timely, fast and efficient results are guaranteed
Staff are very knowledgeable with new and revolutionary products
I recommend  wholeheartedly to anyone who would like to invest in self care
Thank you Claymore Clinic. I will keep coming back 😊

Luthien Shop: Dr Chew is patient and takes time to explain the different options. The clinic provides excellent service that puts you at ease.

Hendry Lim: Very good service. doctor is very patient and professional. My skin has improved with the treatments

Catherine Tan: Very friendly doctor and staff. Been with the clinic for more than 1year, great experiences and effective treatment and see alot of improvements to my skin.