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Clarion Medical Clinic - Ang Mo Kio Reviews: Highly Rated Family and Aesthetic Clinic with Outstanding Patient Care

Clarion Medical Clinic in Ang Mo Kio stands out as a patient-centered medical practice that offers a comprehensive range of services, including family medicine, aesthetic treatments, chronic disease management, minor surgeries, eczema care, and physiotherapy. The clinic is conveniently located in Ang Mo Kio and even provides house calls for added convenience.

Online reviews consistently laud Clarion Medical Clinic for its exceptional patient care. Patients rave about the doctors, particularly Dr. Lim and Dr. Soh, for their patience, thoroughness, and genuine care. Dr. Lim is known for his detailed explanations, comprehensive answers to questions, and follow-ups after consultations. Dr. Soh is praised for his kindness, respectful demeanor, and willingness to go the extra mile, even checking in on patients after hours or offering guidance via online chat.

The clinic's receptionists are also highly rated for their helpfulness, patience, and clear communication, contributing to the overall positive and efficient experience at Clarion Medical Clinic. Additionally, the clinic is consistently described as clean and well-maintained, and wait times are reasonable.

While a few reviewers mentioned that medication costs could be on the higher end, it's always a good idea to inquire about pricing beforehand. Also, the clinic is located a short walk from the nearest bus stop, which might be a slight inconvenience for some.

Overall, Clarion Medical Clinic in Ang Mo Kio appears to be an excellent choice for those seeking a patient-centered medical practice that prioritizes personalized care and attention to patient concerns. If you are looking for a doctor who takes the time to understand your needs and provide quality care, Clarion Medical Clinic is definitely worth considering. While medication costs might be a factor, the positive experiences shared by numerous reviewers highlight the exceptional service and dedication of the doctors and staff at Clarion Medical Clinic.


Located in: Ang Mo Kio View
Address: 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1676, View 560202
Phone: +65 6353 0818


cheryl kum: Doctor lim more patient , more details and prescription the good medicine even is expensive.
, while doctor Soh prescribe the medicine not so effective .
Prefer Dr Lim instead of Dr Soh.
But Dr lim off duty on Thursday .
Been seeing Dr lim 2 times for my gastric pain last year .
Always follow up with me asking how is my gastric issue.
This doctor really hard to find it now .
Recommended this clinic.

Joann Lim: Fisrt visit with Dr Lim, a very patient and friendly doctor 😀  who has a very good knowledge of itchy and bumpy skin condition, explained clearly to me about my skin issue and to follow up on the treatment diligently and I will be able to see improvement in weeks 😀 finger crossed
Thank you Dr Lim and the friendly nurses, for your help

GM Ashley: The front desk staff were so swift with my registration and medicine collection, and explained how to apply the medications that were new to me. Dr Lim is such a wonderful professional for ensuring I was comfortable during the consultation by respectfully asking me if he could further check on me rather than to just order me to listen to his directions and advised me thoroughly on the things to avoid and to consume when I'm on medications. Overall the clinic is a perfect 10! Clean, friendly staff and quick experience.

Chloe Lin: I felt compelled to write this positive review after receiving so much kindness, empathy and patience from Dr Lim and Dr Soh over the past 2 years with multiple visits for myself, husband and both daughters. I am an Allied Health Professional myself and understand that doctors’ patient care sometimes vary with their mood and workload. So I took my time to observe before deciding to write this review.

During consultation, Dr Lim was detailed in his clinical examination, patient in explanation, gentle, caring and always with a smile for his patients. He is excellent with kids and able to put them at ease during consultation. He would lower his posture to meet my daughter’s eye level when speaking to her. My daughter felt ill last week and few days after the initial consultation, her condition wasn’t improving so I called the clinic hoping to get his advice on the next step to take. Dr Lim was off duty so I left a message with the receptionist. Dr Lim readily called me back and gave me a quick consult over the phone, all these despite being off duty and in the midst of his family time (judging from the background sound). I appreciate this so much. Thank you Dr Lim for your dedication and patience.

6-12 months ago, my daughter had high fever that wouldn’t subside. I brought her to the clinic and we saw Dr Soh. Dr Soh spoke respectfully to my daughter and was also detailed in his clinical examination. Back then, I was pleasantly surprised when Dr Soh personally gave us a call few hours later to check on my daughter to find out how she was doing. After clinical hours (late night) when her fever spiked and I wasn’t sure what to do, I tried the google chat function hopefully to get some assistance and was shocked when it was Dr Soh replying to the chat personally. He also remembered my daughter’s case and gave advices accordingly.

Both doctors have fantastic patient care and communication skills, and would go the extra miles when necessary. They are also kind and respectful by nature judging by the way they speak to their employees (receptionist). I am impressed with their service, so much so that even though we have moved and staying much further now, we still make my way back to see them whenever we need consult.

I must not forget to mention the excellent receptionists. While waiting to see the doctor and for medications to be ready, I had the opportunity to observe their interaction with patients and they were always gentle and have so much patience even when swamped with patients. When I called back to seek some advice on medications, they were also nice and didn’t mind repeating at all.

Overall, the clinic is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good patient care experience. The doctors are understanding and take the time to explain their differential diagnosis. The only downside though, is that the charges can be rather steep. Looking at the invoice itemized breakdown, the consultation fees are reasonable, but the medications can be pricey. Not sure if it’s market rate though.

Cynthia Kartika: Dr Gavin Soh is very kind and patient in answering our questions - made us very comfortable in understanding everything about our vaccinations. The receptionist is also very caring and accommodating. Highly recommended!

Jenny L: Due to the new waves of Omicron, we tried to avoid hospital. Manage to find drip therapy for my mum's dehydration at Clarion.

My mum been going to Dr Lim for the past few years. Dr Lim is a very patient, gentle and caring doctor. He bothers to take time to go through patient's past records so he don't miss out anything.

While he inserts the drip for my mum, his body gesture tells all that he truely cares for his patient which I am pretty touched. My mum's condition did not do well after the drips and Dr Lim refers us best to proceed to hospital just in case. He arranges ambulance in for us. Even after that, he still shows concern for my mum's condition.

Thank you! Dr Lim. We are fortunate to have your Clinic in the neighborhood. Hope your clinic will age together with us in the neighborhood.

Rayrayray Zzz: Clinic is well kept and clean. The doctor I saw was very professional and listened well. He also offered helpful insights on my condition. Price range is reasonable too. Downside would be the slight distance you'd have to walk from the bus stop but as a clinic per se, they're very good plus Medication they gave worked well.

Betty Teo: I went to Dr Lim for my swap test recently. He is very patient, kind n nimble when performing the swap. Though I am very fearful, he is very assuring and i felt safe with his words to me.

On another occasion after my 1st visit, my hubby went to collect repeat medication from him. Whilst my hubby stood outside the clinic, Dr Lim came out of the clinic despite his busy schedule to talk to me over the phone about my condition.

Such a good, thoughful and responsible doctor. I am thankful to him and wish him all the very best for the future. KUDOS DR LIM!

Dawn Kamleiter: Clean, very efficient and a doctor with very good bedside manners. I visited Clarion because my regular GP isn’t open on Saturday afternoons. The whole process including waiting times was quick but not rushed. Lots of hand sanitizers around and I could wait outside so I was neither passing germs to unsuspecting people nor was I on the receiving end of any nasty bugs! The doctor was very kind and empathetic and I am grateful for getting treatment from such a gentle soul! Thank you for helping me and setting my mind at ease!

Renee S: I've been attended to by both doctors before, Dr Soh and Dr Lim. Both doctors are very professional and very accurate in their diagnosis. Prices are reasonable and medicine is effective. My entire family has now switched to their clinic. Dr Soh was also very kind hearted to call and check in on my grandma who had COVID. Thank you so much.