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Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic Reviews: Expertise in Treating Children and Adults

Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic is a dermatology clinic in Singapore that offers a wide range of treatments for children and adults. The clinic is headed by Dr. Lynn Chiam, a highly qualified dermatologist with extensive experience in treating skin conditions.

Dr. Chiam is particularly experienced in treating children's eczema. Many parents have praised her for her effectiveness in clearing up their children's eczema, even when other doctors have been unsuccessful. She is also known for her professionalism and attentiveness, and she takes the time to explain everything to her patients in a way that they can understand.

In addition to eczema, Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic also offers treatment for a variety of other skin conditions, including acne, warts, and pigmentation issues. The clinic uses a variety of state-of-the-art lasers and other technologies to provide effective and safe treatment.

The clinic's staff is also very friendly and helpful. They make patients feel comfortable and at ease, and they are always happy to answer any questions.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in Singapore for yourself or your child, I highly recommend Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic. Dr. Chiam is a highly skilled and compassionate dermatologist, and the clinic's staff is second to none.

Here are some additional details about the clinic:
  • Address: 38 Irrawaddy Rd Mt. Elizabeth, Irrawaddy Rd, #07-22 Medical Specialist Centre, 329563
  • Phone: 6570 2303
  • Website: http://childrenadultskin.com.sg/


Nurhidayah Ramli: Dr lynn is god sent! Thankful that our path crossed

Our son has eczema since 2 years old (now 7) and we have been managing it with different doctors & trial & errors until we met Dr Lynn! Was introduced to her by our PD during our recent admission & also recommended by a family friend. Follow up with her & only her for any skin related issues since then.

My son eczema is properly & well managed now. Most importantly, he is able to sleep well & enjoy his childhood now that his eczema is managed. Anyone going through eczema will understand why this is a big deal   

Love how she is solution focused, clear in her explanation and well versed in her recommendations & treatment plan.

Im seeing her for my adult acne too. My husband is also seeing her for eczema management together with our son. Safe to say shes our family go-to skin doctor.

Her team is professional, warm & friendly too. Always assisting us at their best, from the frontdesk to the nurses, always responsive

Thank you Dr lynn & team!

Sheryl tan: Visited Dr. Chiam as she is highly recommended by mummies. She does talk fast but possibly due to the many patients waiting to see her. Although she talks fast, she is friendly and attentive to my daughter. She will also always end the consultation by asking if I have any questions. After 3 visits my daughter's eczema condition got so much better that no further treatment is needed. The treatment regime consist of many steps and creams. But just need to follow the instructions written by Dr and results can be seen.

Cloud: My boy 13, suffered from very bad eczema with pus for 6 months. See many Dr and also National skin clinic but can’t heal. Till See Dr Lynn, within 3 months ( see her only 3 times) he fully cured, she discharged  him. She is god sent. Not money minded to delay his recovery and will not give lots of useless medications.

Really appreciated her professional and kindness.

Hanyu Z: Brought my 3yo son to Dr Chiam for foot eczema. Good experience. Dr was confident in diagnosing and gave a comprehensive management plan. My son was also happy during the consult. Will refer others to this clinic next time.

Faith Moraga: My daughter has been battling excema her entire life. We have seen handfuls of doctors in the US, and literally spent thousands of dollars on any treatment promised to provide relief.

When we arrived in SG, she was hospitalized for internal hives and severe excema. This was when we were assigned Dr. Lynn. Yes, she talks fast, and seems in a hurry, but aren’t we all, and she was the only doctor to ever prescribe something that was effective in treating her body effectively. If you follow the prescribed treatment, the skin will heal up. We’re still having to battle the laziness of not putting the lotions on, but when she does, her skin is finally normal. We thank God we got introduced to Dr. Chiam.

Patricia G: The Children and Adult skin specialist clinic has done a fantastic job giving advise about skin care and what would work with your skin type.  They have also done a fantastic job telling me what some of the side affects may be depending on what type of therapy you might choose for your skin. They have done an amazing job making people feel comfortable during the therapy sessions, and the staff is always very very kind.

conny quek: My son has ezcema since 2 months old and we have been to at least 6 pds trying to have his condition under controlled. Just after 1 consultation, my sons condition improved tremendously within a week and has very few occasional flare-ups since which are always not as serious as we first saw Dr Chiam. my husband too has ezcema and it is a condition that can only be managed and not 100% cured and am very happy with the results. Highly recommend.

Eric Cheng: Brought my teenage daughter to see Dr Lynn with acne on face & eczema on hands. After 2 weeks of treatment, her condition was controlled and stabilized.  Thank you very much, Dr Chiam!

ang edith: Been to Dr Lynn for my kids when they were both young. She's very quick and professional. Both my kids love her! I went to her myself when I had skin issues. Fast resolution!

Dominic Yeo: nurses were gentle and never fails to make my child laugh. Visits are fun filled and treatment was effective for my child's warts.

ting ting sam: my girl recovered very fast and able to shower with the prescribed bath oil (even with open wound due to the scratches).. Highly recommended!

Jeffery Miow: Doctor and nurses very nice and with great patience, provide very good treatment to chronic skin problems.