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Astique The Aesthetic Clinic Reviews: Unveiling Your Best Self in Singapore

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic isn't just another medical aesthetic clinic; it's a partner on your path to self-discovery and confidence. Empowering patients to achieve their aesthetic goals for over nine years, they've served more than 20,000 individuals. Their philosophy is simple: to help you look and feel your best, so you can project your inner confidence to the world.

Life throws curveballs, and Astique understands. Whether you're juggling a demanding career, family life, or simply have limited "me-time," they offer solutions for your concerns about aging gracefully. Their menu features non-invasive procedures like Fotona 4D Laser & HIFU, and injectable treatments like Skin Boosters and HA Fillers, all designed to promote a youthful appearance.

Safety and effectiveness are Astique's priorities. They provide a comprehensive range of FDA-approved treatments, including laser skin rejuvenation, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, wrinkle reduction, medical-grade facials, body contouring, and weight management solutions. These treatments are designed to minimize downtime and cater to both men and women.

At Astique, you'll be guided by highly qualified doctors who prioritize open communication.  They'll work with you to understand your budget and aesthetic goals, crafting a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired outcome. They believe in building lifelong relationships with their patients, providing consistent support and guidance throughout your aesthetic journey.

Meet the team behind your transformation:
  • Dr. Tiffiny Yang: A seasoned medical doctor with extensive experience, Dr. Yang stays current with the latest advancements and personalizes treatment plans for each patient, crafting natural-looking results that enhance their unique beauty.
  • Dr. Eileen Lew: Emphasizing safety and natural-looking results, Dr. Lew leverages her background in surgery and obstetrics & gynecology. Holding multiple diplomas in aesthetic medicine, she's actively involved in the field, constantly seeking new knowledge and techniques.
  • Dr. Elendrus Teo: Dr. Teo's expertise lies in both clinical and surgical areas. His dedication to patient confidence fuels his passion for aesthetic medicine. He stays updated through ongoing training and conferences, ensuring his patients receive the most advanced and effective treatments available.

The innovative Dual Yellow Laser utilizes yellow and green light wavelengths to address a variety of skin issues, including melasma, hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, acne, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Gentle, non-invasive, and requiring no downtime, the Dual Yellow Laser leaves patients with a brighter, more even complexion.

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic, a subsidiary of AsiaMedic Limited, a reputable healthcare provider in Asia, extends their commitment to excellence beyond treatments. Their convenient location and flexible opening hours reflect their belief in making the aesthetic experience as comfortable and convenient as possible for their patients.

Ready to embrace your best self? Contact Astique The Aesthetic Clinic today to schedule a consultation and embark on your personalized journey to a more confident you. Let them help you unveil your inner beauty and radiate your true essence to the world.


Mondays to Fridays: 8.45 am to 8 pm
Saturdays : 9 am to 4 pm
Sundays and Public Holidays : Closed


1 Grange Road, Orchard Building #12-02,
(Located above H&M),
Singapore 239693

Tel : +65 6732 3801
WhatsApp : +65 9182 5969



Joan: Love Dr Eileen Lew. She treats me like a friend and always willing to share her knowledge on skin care. When speaking with her, you will be able to feel her thoughfulness and sincerity. Given her cheerful attitude, it is also a joy to talk to her and its never a dull or strict moment. I am someone who is very particular about the doctors i visit, and if he/she is not up to my standard, i would never continue after the first session. As I have been with Dr Eileen for close to 2 years since she was at her own practice, that goes to show that she is the perfect skin care doctor in town! Also, there is definitely ZERO hard selling on her products and services!

Jacq L: I have been with Astique for a number of years and have only had positive experiences so far. The laser treatments recommended are targeted to my specific needs and all laser treatments at Astique are administered by a qualified doctor. Dr Yong explains all the treatments, what to expect with each treatment, possible side effects and follow up very clearly. My facial therapist, Jessica, is very skilled & personable and her face massages are fantastic! I would recommend her highly!  Overall I have been very satisfied with their services.

Tabitha Siying Tan: Top notch and professional experiences with Astique Clinic. I have been with them for years and done various treatments, my to-go clinic for maintenance. I always feel very welcome and know that I am in the trusty hands of the experts. Highly recommend!

lisa chuang: Great service at the Astique clinic. Doctor Yong is very honest and recommends only the treatments suitable for me, very patient to explain the risks of every procedures and makes sure Im very comfortable before proceeding with treatment. The staffs Shabeena, fion, jessica are very professional and friendly, taking care of me throughout the session, would recommend my friends and family.

Candice Low: Been with Astique for the last 4+ years and am very satisfied with their services. Dr Yong is knowledgeable and professional and the staff are friendly and helpful. The treatments are wallet friendly and it’s my go to place for my aesthetic facials and lasers.

sparkman07: Found the clinic online for acne treatment, both doctor and staff were helpful in diagnosing and identifying the appropriate treatment. I was able to see excellent results after 2-3 sessions and have continued to visit the clinic for skin maintenance. :)

Ruth Tan: Had a lovely and welcoming experience at Astique today! Staff were so nice especially Dr Elendrus Teo who was informative, patient and very thorough with the procedures. He also made sure that I was feeling comfortable throughout. Cannot recommend this clinic enough :) Thanks Dr Teo and team!