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Alexandr&Co Reviews: Unveiling the Secrets of Silk for Radiant Skin

Have you ever dreamt of unlocking the secrets to youthful, radiant skin? Alexandr&Co., a revolutionary luxury skincare brand, might just be the key. This brand, born from a collaboration between doctors and Japanese researchers, takes inspiration from ancient wisdom and infuses it with cutting-edge science. The result? Elixirs packed with the power of silk, designed to combat dullness and unveil a breathtaking glow.

For centuries, silk has been revered for its beauty and luxurious touch. But did you know it also holds the key to unlocking youthful vitality? Alexandr&Co. harnesses the power of Silk Sericin, a protein used by doctors in wound healing and tissue engineering. This "miraculous molecule" boasts incredible potential in skincare, promoting healing, brightening, and nourishing the skin.

However, incorporating Sericin into skincare hasn't been easy. Its thick consistency poses a challenge for achieving high concentrations in products. Alexandr&Co. changes the game. Through a breakthrough discovery, their team of experts formulated a potent form of Sericin with the ideal molecular weight, perfect for tackling signs of aging and damage.

Alexandr&Co. understands that every skin tells a unique story. That's why they offer a curated selection of products, each designed to address specific concerns:
  • For Dry Skin, Wrinkles, and Pigmentation: The multi-award-winning Seriguard Moisturizer is your hero. This best-selling cream hydrates without clogging pores, brightens, lifts, and firms, leaving your skin looking its absolute best.
  • For Dark Circles, Puffiness, and Crow's Feet: Pamper your delicate eye area with the fast-acting eye cream. Formulated to target those stubborn signs of fatigue, it diminishes dark circles and puffiness while firming for a smoother, brighter look.
  • For Redness, Inflammation, and Damage: Seriglow Elixir offers the ultimate anti-aging solution. This serum not only hydrates and brightens but also conditions your skin, minimizing the signs of time for a timeless appearance.
  • For Acne, Enlarged Pores, and Oily Skin: Seritone Essence strikes the perfect balance. This gentle yet powerful toner refines pores, controls oil production, and protects your skin after cleansing, leaving it feeling refreshed and balanced.

Ready to embark on your journey to radiant skin? Visit Alexandr&Co.'s boutique at Isetan Scotts and speak to their friendly staff. Learn more about the transformative power of Serisilk™ and even redeem a free sample!

Don't wait any longer. Unleash the secrets of silk and unlock the radiant skin you've always desired.

Visit Alexandr&Co. today!

Located in: Shaw House
Address: 350 Orchard Rd, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
Phone: 8799 2287
Website: https://www.alexandr-co.com/

Google reviews

xiu ting neo: Attended my consultation with the super friendly Jessie! She had patiently addressed my skin concerns, helps me understand Alexandr&Co's advance anti-aging technology from Japan using silk and silk sercin in skincare and how they can be beneficial to my skin! I am also super wow by the fact that she is already 68 years old! Great skincare doing some magic

YuniQue Yuni: I am so thrilled to try latest anti aging technology from Japan made of Silk and Silk Sericin™ Complex formulation, the consultant at the counter is very friendly recommending the suitable product to address my concern.. the outlet looks very luxe and special too! Can’t wait to experience the benefit from the product..

Rac Xlj: Staff Jessie was really friendly & explain products in details. Love the facial wash! It has a light & carries a light scent & is made from cocoon! The eye cream is value for $ given that most eye creams are pricey n in smaller bottle forms.

Emily: Attended a skincare consultation at  Alexandr & Co recently and decided to incorporate this skincare series to my daily skincare routine!

I was told that the Silk Sericin infused in the skincare products increases collagen production deep within layers of skin. I like how the eye cream and moisturiser absorbs quickly into my skin without feeling greasy, leaving my skin feeling super smooth and well hydrated.

Aljohn Mangahas: Visited Alexandr & Co @ Orchard Point for a skincare consulation with Jessie. Decided to try out theirproducts that contains Japan's latest anti-ageing Silk Sericin technology which increases collagen production deep within. My favorite so far is the eye moisturizer as it absorbs quickly into my skin

Elaine Heng (mselaineheng): Went to check out Alexandr & Co latest outlet at OG Orchard Point as I heard good things about their products.  The outlet is easy to locate and looks beautiful.  I had a consultation with consultant Jessie and she is very helpful and detailed in explaining the products and usage.  I tested the cream on my hand and I love it.  Super cool products from Japan using the latest anti-aging technology from Japan-Silk and Silk Sericin Complex formulation!

CK: I visited Alexandr & Co at Orchard Point and had a skin consultation with Jessie. She was friendly, patient and helpful. There is no pressure to buy from them so I feel really comfortable browsing here. The beauty counter is neat and clean. The products use the latest anti-aging technology from Japan, called the Silk and Silk Sericin Complex™ formulation, helping the skin glow with a radiant complexion with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

PY Chong: Dropped by OG Orchard Point and had products consultation with Jessie. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained the products in details. I tested and love the face wash and serum. I am excited to try out this products. Hopefully I will look younger by using this products.

Sakshi Agarwal: Visited new outlet in OG Singapore. It's a very posh counter & attendant was very helpful in giving details about all the products. Love the range of products from the cleanser to the serum. My personal favourite is their amazing Eye cream. It's difficult to find that one eye cream that targets the most common concerns such as dark under eyes, dryness, and puffiness. Well, this eye cream addresses exactly all that and more. It's texture is light & I works great for me in the day as well. Would recommend it to all the ladies.