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Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic Surgery Reviews: Unveiling Your Best You

Embark on a journey of transformation and rediscover your inner radiance with Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic Surgery, where personalized care and cutting-edge treatments converge to unveil your best self. Founded by Dr. Donald Ng in 2005, Alaxis is a haven for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty, fostering a patient-centric approach that prioritizes safety and efficacy.

At Alaxis, the philosophy extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's about restoring and rejuvenating your skin, employing advanced technologies and a comprehensive treatment portfolio. Dr. Ng's meticulous research and selection of only the most proven and effective treatments ensure complete safety and optimal results.

Alaxis understands that your aesthetic journey is not a race for instant gratification, but rather a collaborative process. Their team recognizes the unique ways our bodies age and tailors treatments accordingly, ensuring long-lasting results that harmonize with your natural beauty.

Patient safety is paramount at Alaxis. Led by Dr. Ng, a medically trained and qualified professional, the clinic employs only advanced medical devices and utilizes the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. Rest assured, you're in the best hands.

The passionate and experienced medical team at Alaxis has worked alongside Dr. Ng for over a decade, undergoing rigorous ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques. This ensures you receive the most effective treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Alaxis offers a wide range of treatments, from hair restoration and body contouring to facial rejuvenation and advanced skincare. During your personalized consultation with Dr. Ng, you'll gain a thorough understanding of your options and the best course of action to achieve your desired outcome.

Located conveniently in Singapore, Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic Surgery is ready to guide you on your path to a more confident you. Visit their website at http://www.alaxis.com.sg/ or contact them today to schedule your consultation and unlock your full potential. Embrace the transformation that awaits and unveil your best self with Alaxis.

Google reviews

inner dance: I have been a regular client at Alaxis for more than 10 years. Dr Donald is a knowledgeable, patient, ethical and easy-going doctor. I like that he does not push me into signing up for packages or do a treatment which I am not comfortable with. He constantly upgrades himself and is a very experienced doctor. The clinic also offers pampering facial treatments by friendly and caring therapists (esp. Cherry) who definitely know what they are doing. Thanks to Alaxis, my skin is in good hands.

Catherine Wong: I am a customer of Alexis through word of mouth from my friends. All of the staff there are professional and very friendly too. I do laser treatment regularly at Alexis. Dr.Donald is great. He does consultation to advice what kind of treatment is suitable for my skin condition. So far all treatment works great on my skin. Their facial service is very good as well. Great experience so far, especially from Anna, Chery and all. Because of this, I have been renewing services repeatedly until now.

Px: I have been going to Anna for facials since 2016 under my friend's recommendation. Anna is very professional and recommends the right treatment based on my skin condition. I always enjoys my facial with Anna. She is sincere, not pushy and does not "hard-sell".  Her colleagues are also very friendly and welcoming. Thank you Anna and all at Alaxis!

Sumikko C: Dr Donald Ng is a very skilled, professional and experienced medical doctor. He will take good care of your skin and unlike most other Aesthetics  companies which will try to sell customers products and packages, Alaxis does not hard sell at all. Even when I ask him on certain products which his clinic carries. he will advise if they are suitable for my skin.

I did co2 laser and upon realising there are some blemishes not removed, Dr Ng did the touch up free without any questions. And while doing co2 laser, he will also remove other blemishes such as oil clogs at no additional charges, so that my skin will be clearer. I am surprised and grateful at the extra mile he took to ensure I have clearer skin. I didn’t even know I had these blemishes until he told me so before removing them. This was my experience of my first visit 15 years ago.

As I was impressed by his professionalism during my Co2 laser session, I subsequently went back to Alaxis to take up laser package. Alaxis’s laser package comprise many different lasers such as pico, dual yellow, q switched, long pulsed lasers all in one session and one package unlike other aesthetic clinics which will usually sell only one type of laser. While doing the laser, Dr Ng was very attentive and consultative and will often checked a few times during the session that the strength of the laser was alright. He will also make the effort to explain each of the laser and the purpose and benefit.  I also like their follow up after each laser session to check on how my skin had reacted. When I first did my first laser session, I asked the assistants many many questions and they were very patient each time and professional in their replies.

This is my 3rd laser package and the attentiveness of Dr Ng and his team had not decreased at all. His assistants are professional, friendly and willing to help.

Dr Ng is a man of not many words when you first know him. That is also partly because he doesn’t hard sell his services or products. He gives his professional opinion and let customers make their own decision. Hence he may come across especially to new patients/customers as not helpful or friendly. Importantly, as a medical Aesthetic doctor, he is well versed and professional in his area. This can be seen from his customers who are mostly regulars and have been with him for many years.

Each visit is pleasant and it’s nice to see improvement in my skin every month. Overall, Alaxis is very reasonably priced for the professional and excellent service. Importantly I know my skin is in good hands. Thank you Dr Ng, Anna, Grace, Chery, Rochelle, Joanne!!

Contact Info

Located in: FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence (Thong Teck Building)
15 Scotts Road #06-03 Singapore 228218

+65 6235 0880

Website: https://alaxis.com.sg/