Only Aesthetics Holland Village Reviews: Your Go-To Beauty Destination

Looking for a place to pamper yourself and achieve your desired skin and hair goals? Look no further than Only Aesthetics Holland Village! Located at 25A Lor Mambong, Singapore, this aesthetic center offers a wide range of treatments and services to help you look and feel your best. Whether you're looking for skincare treatments, hair removal, or advanced beauty therapies, Only Aesthetics has got you covered.

First things first, let's talk about the operating hours. The center is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 10:30 AM and closing at 8:30 PM. On Saturdays, they operate from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, while they remain closed on Sundays. So, if you're planning to visit, make sure to drop by during their operating hours.

Now, let's delve into the reviews from some satisfied customers. Sheng Ming Yong shared his positive experience, mentioning that Only Aesthetics has tremendously improved his skin. He specifically praised his beauty consultant, Rosabel, for her friendliness, professionalism, and genuine care. According to him, Rosabel never pushes unnecessary treatments or products, making each session enjoyable and effective. So, if you're looking for a knowledgeable and friendly beauty consultant, Rosabel might be the perfect fit for you.

Coco Yau expressed satisfaction with the warm and friendly staff at the Holland Village branch. They not only provide efficient service but also offer recommendations for other services without being pushy. Coco appreciated their respectful approach, even if the customer decides not to pursue additional treatments. So, if you're looking for a friendly and respectful environment, this branch won't disappoint.

Lydia Tham shared her positive experience with hair removal treatments at Only Aesthetics. After just one session, she noticed slower and thinner hair growth, which she highly recommends to those interested in hair removal. So, if you're tired of dealing with unwanted hair, Only Aesthetics Holland Village might have the solution for you.

Rachelle Lau, a recent customer, had nothing but positive things to say about her experience. She mentioned Rebecca, a staff member who helped her understand the differences between IPL and laser treatments and provided valuable advice. Rachelle praised Rebecca's warm and welcoming nature and recommended her to others seeking expert guidance. So, if you're looking for someone who can guide you through the treatment options, Rebecca might be the person to ask for.

Seok Li How emphasized the convenience of Only Aesthetics' location in Holland Village, easily accessible by public transport. He appreciated the services provided for regular skin and hair care. He specifically mentioned Rebecca, who impressed him with her warm and friendly personality and honest opinions. So, if you appreciate straightforward and friendly staff, Rebecca might be the one to seek out.

Darren Sim has been a loyal customer since 2020, praising the excellent service at Only Aesthetics Holland Village. He specifically mentioned Jovin, who has been helpful and patient in guiding him through various treatments. According to Darren, Jovin's expertise and willingness to offer advice have made him a loyal customer. So, if you're looking for personalized attention and guidance, Jovin might be the right person to consult.

Raven Wong has been enjoying LED treatments at the Holland Village branch and noticed a significant reduction in hair growth. Raven recommended Jovin for her excellent attitude and service. The friendly staff at the branch also contributed to the positive experience. So, if you're interested in LED treatments, Jovin might be the therapist for you.

CONNIE GABALEO expressed her gratitude for the friendly and helpful staff at the Holland Village outlet. She specifically thanked Rebecca for her attractive appearance and the valuable advice she provided during the treatment. Connie highly recommended the branch for its service quality and customer care.

Jeremy Oon has been receiving AureoLED treatments at Only Aesthetics Holland Village for a year and has seen impressive results. He commended the patient and friendly staff for their excellent service. If you're looking for hair removal services, Jeremy highly recommends them.

Hai Xin Fong praised the excellent and friendly staff at the Holland Village outlet. According to her, they always answer her queries and provide great service and products. So, if you're looking for a place with knowledgeable and friendly staff, this branch might be the right choice for you.

Tracy Jiamin, a loyal customer for many years, followed her therapist, Jovin, wherever she was transferred. She loves the facials and high-tech machines used at Only Aesthetics. Tracy emphasized the years of trust she has in their services.

Lucy Li, a first-time customer for SHR/IPL treatments, felt comfortable thanks to the staff's exceptional service. Although it's still the beginning stage, Lucy has already seen promising results and recommends the center to others.

Neo Hui Min has been a customer at the Holland Village outlet since 2016. She commended the friendly and helpful staff, ensuring comfortable treatment sessions.

Lee Fong Leow has always received great service at Only Aesthetics Holland Village, thanks to Jovin. Jovin's accommodating, friendly, and attentive nature has made the experience enjoyable.

Min Min expressed her appreciation for the wonderful service provided by Rebecca at the Holland Village branch. Rebecca's explanations and care made Min Min feel well taken care of during the treatment.

Bin Cheng Loo has been to Only Aesthetics for all their sessions, praising the friendly and accommodating staff. Rebecca, in particular, made Bin Cheng Loo feel at ease during the sessions.

Sheryl hyy shared her positive experiences coming for appointments at Only Aesthetics. The friendly faces and helpful consultants always make it a pleasant time. Sheryl has been with the center for a long time and recommends the Holland Village outlet.

Hazel Liu has been a customer since 2014 and highly values the professional service, friendly staff, and accessible locations offered by Only Aesthetics.

Ace Teo not only praises the effective treatments but also commends the skin specialists at the Holland Village branch for their immaculate service. Alicia, in particular, has gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, offering tips on aftercare and skincare advice. Ace Teo would gladly recommend Only Aesthetics Holland Village to friends.

With these rave reviews from satisfied customers, Only Aesthetics Holland Village proves to be a go-to destination for all your beauty needs. The friendly and professional staff, combined with effective treatments and personalized advice, make it a place worth visiting. So, if you're looking to enhance your skincare or try advanced beauty therapies, head to Only Aesthetics Holland Village and experience their top-notch services for yourself!