Om Aesthetics Clinic Reviews: Your Go-To Place for a Glamorous Transformation

Looking to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a radiant, flawless complexion? Look no further than Om Aesthetics Clinic! Located at 111 Somerset Road, #03-14 TripleOne Somerset in Singapore, this clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your beauty goals. From skin rejuvenation to anti-aging solutions, Om Aesthetics Clinic has got you covered.

Operating hours at Om Aesthetics Clinic are from 11 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday, making it convenient for busy individuals to schedule their appointments. They also offer Saturday appointments from 11 AM to 5 PM, ensuring that even weekend warriors can enjoy their top-notch services. Keep in mind that the clinic is closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly.

One of the highlights of Om Aesthetics Clinic is its team of dedicated professionals led by the esteemed Dr. Neil. Known for his friendly demeanor, honesty, and extensive knowledge, Dr. Neil ensures that each client receives personalized care and attention. Formerly practicing at another clinic, Dr. Neil has recently opened his own aesthetic clinic, allowing him to provide a more intimate and personalized experience for his clients.

Om Aesthetics Clinic has garnered rave reviews from satisfied clients, and it's not hard to see why. Sarah L., a delighted client, praises Dr. Neil for his friendly and knowledgeable approach. She particularly highlights the excellent results she achieved from the pico laser "glam" treatment, which left her with brighter and smoother skin. Sarah also appreciates the professionalism of the clinic's team, mentioning Kim, who provides valuable aftercare tips and follow-up support.

Another satisfied client, Priscilla Neo, discovered Om Aesthetics Clinic through its stellar online reviews. She commends the clinic's friendly and reassuring assistants, who made her feel at ease. Dr. Neil's patience and thorough explanations of the treatments instilled confidence in Priscilla, and she has already noticed improvements to her face after undergoing the Secret RF Duo treatments. With Om Aesthetics Clinic, Priscilla feels she is in good hands.

Dr. Neil's expertise and skill in the field of aesthetics are highly regarded, as attested by Chung Zhiwen. He praises Dr. Neil's sincerity, friendliness, and the reasonable prices at the clinic. For those interested in fillers, Chung Zhiwen highlights that Dr. Neil provides a comprehensive package that includes a review and "touch up" if needed, without any additional costs. He also mentions the excellent results of the Pico Glam Lasers, which provide instant and long-lasting brightening effects. The consistency and dedication Dr. Neil brings to each session make clients feel at ease and confident in their choice to support Om Aesthetics Clinic.

With a growing number of positive reviews, it's clear that Om Aesthetics Clinic delivers exceptional results. Tsrng Angmo Lalabz shares her experience, expressing her love for the Pico Laser treatment. After a few sessions, she witnessed a significant reduction in dark spots and freckles, eliminating the need for concealer. The treatment not only rejuvenated her skin but also left her feeling refreshed and glowing. Tsrng Angmo Lalabz also praises Dr. Neil and his team for their humility, care, and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the treatment is tailored to her needs.

Cara Soong also had an excellent experience at Om Aesthetics Clinic, particularly with Dr. Neil's Pico GLAM laser treatment. Despite having sensitive skin, Cara noticed an instant glow and improved skin tone without any discomfort. Dr. Neil's careful formulation, combining different types of lasers, impressed her, and she looks forward to returning for more treatments.

Om Aesthetics Clinic has left a lasting impression on Yingyu Lee, who was delighted with the noticeable effects of the Pico Glam laser treatment. Alongside the friendly and knowledgeable doctors and nurses, she praises the overall excellent experience. Trusting her skin to Om Aesthetics Clinic has proven to be a wise decision for Yingyu Lee.

The skills of Dr. Neil are highly regarded by Cecilia Chng, who experienced the wonders of his PicoGlam treatment. Not only did her skin glow after the treatment, but it also became brighter and clearer each day, lasting over a week. Despite the potential side effect of dryness, Cecilia's skin remained hydrated. The glamorous and radiant results left her feeling truly transformed.

Felicia Li highly recommends Dr. Neil and his Pico Glam treatment. After just two sessions, her skin tone noticeably lightened. Dr. Neil's professionalism, patience, and detailed explanations of each step ensured a comfortable and satisfying experience. She is enthusiastic about recommending Om Aesthetics Clinic to her friends.

Samantha Chong was amazed by the level of care provided at Om Aesthetics Clinic. From the moment she entered, she felt looked after meticulously, even down to the application of numbing cream. Samantha opted for the Pico Glam laser treatment, which brightened her skin, lifted it, and improved acne scarring and breakouts. The caring and helpful team, led by Dr. Neil, ensured she experienced zero discomfort throughout the process. Additionally, Samantha appreciates the affordability and reasonable prices, as Dr. Neil believes in making everyone feel their best without unnecessary stress or expensive treatments. Om Aesthetics Clinic has earned Samantha's loyalty.

Aprillia Cindy shares her high regard for Dr. Neil's expertise and attentiveness during treatments. Trust is essential when it comes to your face, and she finds that Om Aesthetics Clinic, with its cozy vibes and excellent services, offers an environment where she can place her trust. Aprillia highly recommends Dr. Neil and his services.

Rachel Tan, a first-time laser treatment client, had a positive experience at Om Aesthetics Clinic. Dr. Neil's thorough explanations helped alleviate her concerns, and she experienced no pain during the session, only a slight sensation. Rachel noticed brighter skin and plumper, pinker lips, thanks to the treatment. She enthusiastically recommends Om Aesthetics Clinic to others.

Nadia Cheah has been a loyal follower of Dr. Neil since his previous clinic, and her trust in his knowledge and expertise remains unwavering. She highlights his gentle and attentive approach during treatments, ensuring her comfort throughout the process. Nadia highly recommends Dr. Neil and his services.

Brianna Goh, a previous client of Dr. Neil, followed him to Om Aesthetics Clinic due to his excellent track record. Her recent Picoglam session left her skin glowing, and she appreciates the clinic's thoughtful amenities, such as a well-equipped powder room with a ring light mirror, Dyson hairdryer, and a variety of perfumes. Brianna praises Dr. Neil's dedication to his clients and recommends everyone to check out the clinic's treatments.

Regina Chia, a first-time visitor to Om Aesthetics Clinic, was impressed by Dr. Neil's calm and knowledgeable approach. She underwent a laser treatment that left her with a glowing face, without any redness or discomfort afterward. Compared to other aesthetics clinics she had visited, Regina considers Om Aesthetics Clinic the best, highly recommending it to everyone.

Alethea Wun, who has sensitive skin, found Dr. Neil's understanding of her skin condition remarkable. The recommended treatments led to significant improvements, and Alethea appreciates the helpful and patient clinic assistants who answered her questions. She confidently recommends Om Aesthetics Clinic to others.

Sin Zhi See had an excellent experience with Dr. Neil, noting his patience, skill, and gentle approach throughout the treatment. The Pico Glam laser treatment provided instant glow and evened out Sin Zhi See's skin tone. Sin Zhi See loves the results and can't help but praise the clinic.

Om Aesthetics Clinic has certainly made a name for itself with its dedicated team, led by the knowledgeable and friendly Dr. Neil. Clients consistently report noticeable improvements in their skin, praising the clinic's professionalism, reasonable prices, and welcoming atmosphere. If you're in search of an aesthetic clinic that prioritizes your comfort and delivers outstanding results, look no further than Om Aesthetics Clinic. Experience the transformation and embrace your most glamorous self!