Nuffield Medical Orchard Reviews: Your Friendly Health Screening Destination

Hey there, folks! Looking for a top-notch health screening experience in sunny Singapore? Look no further than Nuffield Medical Orchard! Located just a stone's throw away from the famous ION Orchard, this clinic offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere paired with excellent medical services.

Conveniently situated at 501 Orchard Rd, #05-15 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880, Nuffield Medical Orchard is easily accessible to all. So, whether you're a busy professional or a shopaholic taking a break from retail therapy, you can swing by this clinic without breaking a sweat.

Now, let's talk about their operating hours. From Monday to Friday, Nuffield Medical Orchard opens its doors bright and early at 9 AM, serving patients until 6 PM. That means you can squeeze in an appointment before work or drop by after your day's duties. They've got you covered! On Saturdays, they offer shorter hours from 9 AM to 1 PM, while they take a well-deserved break on Sundays.

Feeling eager to book an appointment already? You can reach out to them at +65 6833 4350 or simply visit their website,, to schedule your visit. Hassle-free booking is just a few clicks away!

Now, let's hear what the folks on Google have to say about their experiences at Nuffield Medical Orchard. Prepare to be impressed! One happy customer, FY, raved about the exceptional service and friendly staff. They were delighted by the seamless appointment booking process and the thorough explanations provided by the nurse during their health screening. From timely reports to patient doctors, FY had nothing but praise for their smooth and respectful experience.

Another satisfied patient, Insyirah Azhari, stumbled upon Nuffield Medical Orchard when other clinics were fully booked. She was pleasantly surprised by the clinic's transparent charges and screening packages listed conveniently on their website. Despite initial doubts due to mixed reviews, Insyirah called to clarify and was greeted by David, who turned out to be the doctor himself! Impressed by the pleasant phone conversation, she decided to give Nuffield a try. From friendly nurses to personalized add-on options, Insyirah highly recommends this clinic for medical screenings.

The positive reviews keep rolling in! Claire Hui Yee Tan described the Nuffield experience as warm yet professional, making her return annually for her check-ups. Shireen Gill praised the super-friendly nurses and the warm and friendly Dr. Janncy Wong. With such a supportive and caring team, Nuffield Medical Orchard creates a comfortable environment for patients.

Yingchu Li shared their experience of the clinic's friendly and flexible service. They were amazed by how quickly the clinic delivered their medical report, even when requested late in the afternoon. Professional and friendly nurses made the visit all the more enjoyable. Aaron Lee echoed the sentiment, declaring his visit as the best medical check experience yet, thanks to the nursing staff and Dr. David Bako.

Zhi Hua appreciated Nuffield Medical Orchard's responsiveness and efficiency. Unlike other clinics with long waiting times, Zhi Hua was able to secure an appointment the very next morning. The friendly nurse, Wati, made the visit a breeze, and the overall atmosphere of the clinic was chill and peaceful. Zhi Hua strongly recommends Nuffield for health screenings.

Siti Jeffrey commended Dr. David Bako for his skillful and painless administration of vaccination jabs. His compassionate approach and willingness to address concerns made the experience even better. Sandy See praised the friendliness and patience of the nurses, Nurbaya and Wathi. The painless blood test and the relaxed environment added to the positive experience.

Ong Shuwei was thrilled with the quick yet detailed check-up experience. Opting for the Emerald package, they were in and out of the clinic in about an hour, armed with valuable health insights. Kristen Ng highlighted the clinic's cleanliness, friendly staff, and approachable doctor who took the time to explain treatment options and conditions.

J Hu summed it up simply, calling Nuffield Medical Orchard a nice place for health screenings with a friendly staff and a great overall experience. CW, Felicia C, and Tomas Clark highly recommended Nuffield for their professional and caring service, especially for pre-departure tests. Hariprasada Rao R praised the clinic's PCR test services, noting the kind and helpful staff who went the extra mile to assist a friend in need. Serene Goh was impressed by the nice nurses and doctors, the competitive pricing, and the quality of their screening services.

So, folks, if you're in Singapore and in need of a health screening, head on over to Nuffield Medical Orchard. With their friendly and skilled team, transparent services, and convenient location, you'll experience a medical check-up like no other. Don't just take our word for it—these satisfied customers have spoken. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a journey to better health at Nuffield Medical Orchard!