Nuffield Aesthetics Reviews: Your Go-To Destination for Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Looking for a top-notch aesthetic clinic that offers fantastic treatments and excellent service? Well, look no further because Nuffield Aesthetics is here to fulfill all your beauty needs. Located at 06-07 Scotts Medical Centre, Singapore 228210, this clinic has been gaining popularity for its exceptional treatments and friendly staff. Let's dive into the details!

First things first, Nuffield Aesthetics boasts convenient operating hours from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM. They even open their doors on Saturdays, but with shorter hours, from 10 AM to 3 PM. Unfortunately, Sundays are closed, so make sure to plan your visits accordingly.

Now, let's get to the juicy part: the reviews! The real deal comes from the satisfied customers who have experienced the magic of Nuffield Aesthetics firsthand. Lucretia Low tried the Oxygeneo Treatment and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful results. She praised the pleasant environment and the friendly staff, particularly mentioning Caren's outstanding job and helpful advice. Lucretia even signed up for a package after her trial, highlighting the clinic's high recommendation.

Another happy customer, Puay Ling, recently visited Nuffield Aesthetics for their Oxygeneo treatment and witnessed visible results. Puay Ling raved about the friendly therapist and manager, ensuring a pleasant visit overall.

Kelly Tay, a first-time visitor, was thrilled with her experience at Nuffield Aesthetics. Impressed by the clinic's advanced treatments, Kelly found them to be a cut above the rest. The skilled therapist and welcoming manager, Elle, made her visit even more enjoyable.

The positive feedback keeps pouring in! Chin Alicia Tan shared that Nuffield Aesthetics provides prompt service with adequate follow-up. The friendly and heartwarming staff made her feel at ease and comfortable, while the professional therapists left her satisfied and pleased with the doctor's skills. It's safe to say that Nuffield Aesthetics goes the extra mile to meet customer satisfaction.

Serene Goi, another delighted customer, tried the trial and was thrilled with the instant radiant and brightening effect on her skin. The therapist's exceptional service and no-pressure approach for package sales made her highly recommend Nuffield Aesthetics.

Clement Tan, a trial participant, was pleased with the smooth and radiant results of the Oxygeneo treatment. Not only did he find a wide variety of packages tailored to different face types, but he also appreciated the absence of pressure from the manager, Elle, when discussing prices. Clement highly recommends Nuffield Aesthetics based on his experience.

Rimes Ng had a great experience with therapist K. The trial at Nuffield Aesthetics left Rimes with radiant skin and an understanding manager, Elle, who addressed their concerns. It seems like the clinic's friendly and understanding approach leaves a lasting impression on its customers.

Moving on to Wenjia, a satisfied client who had struggled to find effective laser treatments before discovering Nuffield Aesthetics. Wenjia saw results after the first visit and praised the clinic's welcoming and honest nature. With a big thank you to the clinic for being the best, Wenjia has found their go-to place for aesthetic needs.

Jenny Jenny had a positive experience at Nuffield Aesthetics and was eager to share it. The clinic's kindness, willingness to listen, and helpfulness stood out to Jenny, who underwent the 애교살 필러 and Botox treatment for sweat glands. Jenny plans to return for further treatments and touch-ups, impressed by the clinic's skill and service.

Lee Yang participated in a trial at Nuffield Aesthetics and was highly satisfied with the results. The clinic's great ambiance and professional therapists, particularly therapist K., made Lee's experience memorable.

Andreean underwent three sessions of Morpheus8 at Nuffield Aesthetics and achieved excellent results. The treatment helped Andreean's skin recover from sun damage caused by daily exposure while playing tennis. Dr. Sau, Andreean's appointed doctor, proved to be a good professional, offering a pain management plan during the slightly painful procedure. The caring staff, including Dr. Sau's assistants Meixuan and Wendy, ensured Andreean's comfort throughout the sessions. The manager, Kim, personally checked on Andreean's progress. With genuine care and empathy, Nuffield Aesthetics left a positive and trustworthy impression on Andreean.

Gee Sarael was impressed by the posh and clean clinic, as well as the friendly and accommodating staff who didn't overwhelm her. The patient and detailed explanation provided by the doctor about her skin condition and the reasonable price range convinced Gee Sarael to book a second visit. With excitement, she looks forward to embarking on her journey to more radiant and healthier skin with Nuffield Aesthetics.

Nurul Hazirah had her first consultation at Nuffield Aesthetics and was blown away by the professionalism and meticulousness of the staff during registration. As a nearly four-month pregnant woman, Dr. Sao advised her against undergoing any procedures to ensure her baby's safety, reassuring her that her skin was not in bad condition and could wait until after giving birth. Nurul appreciated the valuable advice and the fact that there was no hard selling. She left the clinic feeling valued and expressed her gratitude for the exceptional experience at Nuffield Aesthetics.

SL Shea, who had sought advice from various medical clinics, found Dr. Sau to possess extensive knowledge of aesthetics and related skin, body, and hormone issues. Dr. Sau's detailed explanations helped customers understand the treatments and set realistic expectations. SL Shea praised the professional staff who refrained from hard selling, recognizing the importance of building long-term customer relationships. After trying the Pico Pigment Laser treatment, SL Shea found it to be highly effective.

Suzanne Gow thanked Nuffield Aesthetics for the wonderful experience. Dr. Sau's sincerity while providing treatment options, along with her friendly and professional demeanor, left a positive impression. The counter staff also added to the pleasant experience. Suzanne highly recommends this aesthetic clinic to anyone interested in self-improvement.

李珮如, another happy customer, described the clinic's nice atmosphere and the kind and friendly staff, including the customer service team. The entire process felt therapeutic and relaxing, leading 李珮如 to recommend Nuffield Aesthetics to friends and family. 

Lastly, Purwanti Purwanti expressed her gratitude for the skincare tips and advice provided by Dr. Poyi. Dr. Poyi made minor changes to Purwanti's skincare regime and advised her to stop using certain products that were making her skin more sensitive. Purwanti appreciated that Dr. Poyi didn't push her to purchase products from the clinic and commended the clinic's genuine concern for her skincare needs.

With glowing reviews like these, it's clear that Nuffield Aesthetics is the place to go for all your aesthetic desires. From outstanding treatments to friendly and knowledgeable staff, this clinic has won the hearts of its customers. So, why wait? Experience the magic of Nuffield Aesthetics and embark on your journey to a more confident and radiant you!