National Skin Centre Reviews: A Place for Skin Care, with a Twist

If you've been dealing with skin issues and find yourself in Singapore, fret not! The National Skin Centre (NSC) is here to save the day. Located at 1 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308205, NSC is your go-to place for all things skin-related. But hey, before you head there, let's get you acquainted with what to expect and some interesting reviews from people who've been there.

First things first, let's talk about their operating hours. From Monday to Friday, you can visit NSC between 8:00 AM and 11:15 AM in the morning and 1:00 PM to 4:15 PM in the afternoon. But hold your horses, they're closed on weekends—Saturday and Sunday. So, make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Now, let's dive into what people have to say about NSC. We've got a mix of opinions, as you'd expect. Josh Lim had a bit of a wait during his visit, but he understands the high volume of patients they deal with. He hopes his review can contribute to improving their ratings. Wanyin Lou, on the other hand, had a pleasant experience with the kind-hearted nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. She believes they're doing their best to handle the crowd, and she's looking forward to the opening of the new NSC building for even better service.

Liza Chan had an impressive first visit, giving a big thumbs-up to Dr. Kuan Ling Yee for his listening skills and helpfulness. She feels blessed to have encountered such a proficient and caring doctor. Kelly Ng is a long-time visitor to NSC and has no complaints. She recommends getting a referral letter from a polyclinic to secure a subsidized appointment at NSC. Plus, she believes in the science-backed products offered at NSC, unlike those from private clinics.

Romain Perilloux had an efficient and sympathetic experience during his appointment, with no waiting time and friendly staff. Ralph Lau also had a positive experience with respectful doctors and good service. Sim Simon had some initial trouble getting through the appointment hotline, but eventually managed to secure a slot and was highly satisfied with Dr. Ang Sue May's professionalism and amiable nature.

Nicole Rachel Kwan had quick and polite service at the phototherapy center, while Min Ng was pleasantly surprised despite reading negative reviews. Min found the staff courteous and efficient during her visit, even though there was a longer wait at the pharmacy due to the large number of patients.

Janna Teo highly recommends Professor Chua for his patient, caring, and approachable demeanor, highlighting his exceptional care during a minor laser surgery. H2 O gives an overview of NSC, mentioning its role as a training center for medical students and its extensive research in dermatology. They also highlight the convenient location and nearby amenities.

Maxim Timchenko had a good experience with fast registration and a great doctor, while Ms. Ho appreciates Dr. Ang Sue May's warmth and skincare tips. Patrick Tay commends Dr. Ang for her caring and dedicated approach, along with her deep medical knowledge and prompt response to queries.

Papa Kelly had a positive experience consulting Prof. Chua Sze Hon, who showed great skill in skin tag removal, while Yun Kai Thien was impressed by Dr. Choong Dean Jeremy's friendliness and helpful advice.

So, there you have it—diverse opinions on the National Skin Centre in Singapore. While some experienced longer wait times, most reviewers appreciated the professionalism and care provided by the doctors, nurses, and staff. Remember, if you're planning a visit, try to secure an appointment and be patient with the process. NSC aims to cater to a large volume of patients while maintaining high standards of service. After all, taking care of your skin shouldn't be a stressful ordeal, but rather a step towards feeling confident in your own skin.