Love Skin SG - Facial & IPL Hair Removal Treatments Reviews

If you're in need of a relaxing facial or IPL hair removal treatment, look no further than Love Skin SG! Located at Midpoint Orchard, 220 Orchard Rd, #02-09, 238852, this beauty salon is a hidden gem that offers top-notch services without the pressure of hard selling. With a team of friendly and professional staff, Love Skin SG has gained rave reviews from satisfied customers.

One of the things that sets Love Skin SG apart from other beauty salons is its convenient online purchase system. You can easily book a trial or a full treatment through their website, without feeling the usual pushy sales tactics you might encounter elsewhere. The customers appreciate this no-pressure approach, as it allows them to make their own decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

The testimonials from customers speak volumes about the quality of service at Love Skin SG. Lishan Lim, for instance, commends the kindness, friendliness, and professionalism of the staff. They were meticulous in recommending a suitable facial treatment and executed it flawlessly. Lishan also highlights the ease of purchasing treatments through the website, making the experience stress-free.

Yi Yin Lau, a repeat customer, praises the salon for its top-notch techniques and the absence of package deals and upselling. The beauticians at Love Skin SG clean the skin with gentleness and precision, ensuring there are no issues of infection or inflammation post-extraction. This attention to detail and the focus on the customer's well-being make Love Skin SG a preferred choice for many.

Misaki Grey, who had concerns about hard selling, stumbled upon Love Skin SG and was pleasantly surprised. The positive reviews and the promise of no hard selling prompted Misaki to give it a try. The experience exceeded expectations, with Jess, the beautician, providing a thorough treatment and successfully solving a persistent skin issue. Misaki also appreciates the lack of hard selling, making the overall experience even better.

JH Lee, a first-time customer, had a great experience with Love Skin SG. They enjoyed the facial and praised the professionalism of the therapist. The absence of hard selling and package deals added to their satisfaction. JH Lee plans to recommend the salon to friends and colleagues.

Jake Chin, a loyal customer for the past two years, appreciates the ease of making appointments through WhatsApp and the staff's respectful and professional attitude. As an introvert, Jake finds the minimal communication during the treatment refreshing, as it eliminates the discomfort of being constantly pitched additional products. Jake intends to remain a loyal customer in the coming years.

Love Skin SG left such an impression on Samuel Tan that they felt compelled to leave a review, something they rarely do. The staff was friendly, professional, and provided a relaxing environment for the facial treatment. As promised, there was no hard selling of packages or additional products and services. The whole experience was efficient, and Samuel plans to return when needed.

Kin discovered Love Skin SG through a TV program and found that it lived up to its advertisement. The absence of hard selling, top-ups, and packages made it one of the most peaceful and relaxing facials Kin had ever experienced. Although they forgot the name of the beautician, Kin acknowledges the wonderful and detailed job done, leaving their skin refreshed.

Jessie Ma had a great first-time experience at Love Skin SG. The beautician, Melissa, was gentle, answered all questions, and used products that felt gentle on the skin. The extraction process was done nicely, and Jessie was pleased to find a facial salon with no pressure for hard selling. The convenience of online payment and appointments added to the positive experience.

D_Traveler_ had been searching for a facial salon that doesn't engage in hard selling during or after treatments, and Love Skin SG turned out to be the perfect place. With a straightforward online booking system and payment process, the salon focuses on delivering incredible results without unnecessary sales tactics. D_Traveler_ was delighted with the noticeable difference in their skin the next morning and plans to return for more treatments.

G C initially faced a potential loss due to an expired session, but Love Skin SG kindly extended the expiry date. The facial treatment received was thorough, skilled, and relaxing, while the therapist maintained a friendly and professional demeanor. This customer highly recommends Love Skin SG for its exceptional service.

The customer service at Love Skin SG impressed jeje chy. The staff explained and answered questions professionally, and there was no hard selling, allowing jeje chy to fully enjoy the facial treatment. They express their intention to revisit in the future.

Kelly Faith experienced a remarkable facial treatment at Love Skin SG. Opting for the Ultimate Lift Facial, Kelly felt the firming effect and was delighted by the affordable price and absence of in-store payments. This customer plans to be a loyal visitor to Love Skin SG, appreciating the wide range of facial options without any long-term commitment.

Shan Loh found Love Skin SG to be a cozy and pressure-free salon, unlike places that aggressively sell package deals. The simplicity of purchasing services online before the appointment added to Shan Loh's satisfaction.

Salihan chose Love Skin SG for full leg IPL hair removal and was attended to by Jess, who demonstrated professionalism, gentleness, and attention to detail. This customer highly recommends the salon for its value for money, absence of hard selling, and friendly and professional staff.

Kulapattra Margaret Tay had a great experience at Love Skin SG, praising the detailed and gentle facial service provided in a cozy setting. With affordable prices, they were happy to have discovered the salon.

mai bakery found Love Skin SG to have excellent service, with Jess being skillful in their work.

If you're in Singapore and looking for a facial or IPL hair removal treatment, Love Skin SG is the place to go. With its friendly and professional staff, absence of hard selling, and affordable prices, you can enjoy a relaxing and effective treatment without any pressure. Visit their website at or contact them at 8318 1528 to book your appointment. Don't miss out on the chance to pamper yourself at Love Skin SG!