Lloyds Medical Group Reviews: Your Go-To Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore!

Looking for an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that provides top-notch service and professionalism? Look no further than Lloyds Medical Group, located in Wisma Atria on 435 Orchard Road. This article will give you an overview of what makes Lloyds Medical Group a standout clinic, as expressed by satisfied customers on Google reviews.

One of the standout features of Lloyds Medical Group is its exceptional service standard and professionalism. Maisie Low, a long-time visitor since 2018, commends the clinic for always meeting her expectations. The doctors and staff at Lloyds Medical Group go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience for their patients.

The clinic's ambiance is another factor that sets it apart. Maisie Low mentions that the waiting area overlooks Orchard Road, providing a pleasant view. She also appreciates the attention to detail in providing all the necessary information for her procedures. If you're looking for an aesthetic clinic that offers a delightful experience, Lloyds Medical Group comes highly recommended.

Renee Liu, another satisfied customer, highlights the efficacy of the treatments offered at Lloyds Medical Group. Starting with the hydra facial and discovery pico trial in 2020, Renee found the treatments to be highly beneficial for her skin. She particularly mentions the hydra facial's deep cleansing properties and its ability to work well with other skincare products. Additionally, she recently completed a three-session package of micro-needling, which effectively addressed her pore issues. The positive results and satisfaction with the treatments make Lloyds Medical Group her go-to place for skin maintenance.

Several customers emphasize the clinic's cleanliness, spacious treatment rooms, and convenient amenities. Mandey J praises the attentive service she received during her hydra facial, and she mentions that the treatment rooms are clean and well-maintained. She also appreciates the availability of a robe and Dyson hair tools for freshening up after the treatment. This makes it convenient for those who want to have a facial during their lunch break.

Bernard G expresses his admiration for Dr. Frank and the team of friendly girls at Lloyds Medical Group. He describes Dr. Frank as dedicated, detailed, and understanding, always providing the right advice based on his patients' desires. Moreover, Bernard notes that Lloyds Medical Group stands out with its unique lounge facilities.

Another customer, SL Shea, shares her experience with Discovery Pico and Hydrafacial at Lloyds Medical Group. She describes the clinic's environment as classy and comfortable, equipped with advanced equipment for treatments. SL Shea also appreciates the reasonable prices and the absence of hard selling, making her want to return for future treatments.

The positive reviews continue with Tony Tan, who credits Doc Frank and the team at Lloyds Medical Group for keeping him youthful. Tony praises Doc Frank's friendly and informative approach, while also mentioning the knowledgeable and helpful front lady, Vanersa. According to Tony, the combination of their expertise and passion for skincare is what keeps him coming back to Lloyds Medical Group.

Betty Tan expresses her comfort and satisfaction with every visit to Lloyds Medical Group. She highlights the clinic's good ambiance and excellent service, with Yvonne being accommodating to her requests.

Jonia Lim had a great experience at Lloyds Medical Group, mentioning the friendly staff and the attentiveness of Dr. Frank. She appreciates the clinic's professional approach and is eagerly looking forward to her next treatment.

May. S shares her positive experience, noting the superb service provided by the doctor and nurse. After her first treatment, she saw a significant improvement in her skin.

Andrea Chua commends Lloyds Medical Group for their excellent service, including facial and laser treatments. She appreciates the professional care provided by the doctors, therapists, and receptionists. Andrea has witnessed an improvement in her skin since her first visit.

Liew Li Li, referred to Lloyds by a friend, emphasizes the level of professionalism, politeness, and expertise demonstrated by the team. After a few treatments, she noticed a visible difference and improvement in her skin. She also found a reliable therapist, making Lloyds Medical Group her go-to place for rejuvenation.

Sylvia Sylvia praises Lloyds Medical Group's comfortable and soothing ambiance, along with Dr. Lee's patience and professionalism. She describes the clinic's service level and professionalism as unmatched, noting the attentive work of Valerie. Sylvia's experience at Lloyds Medical Group surpasses that of other clinics she has visited, both in terms of service and prices.

Jeniel Teng shares her positive experience with Lloyds Medical Group, highlighting the friendliness of the staff, including Jass and Valerie, and the clear explanations provided by Dr. Lee. The staff ensured that she understood the procedures and knew how to take care of her skin afterward.

JN LIM, recommended by a friend, praises the cozy and comfortable environment at Lloyds Medical Group. The knowledgeable nurse and doctor, along with reasonably priced procedures, make it an excellent choice, even in the bustling Orchard area.

Jeff Chng appreciates the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the friendly staff at Lloyds Medical Group. He specifically mentions Dr. Frank's efforts to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience during treatments. At Lloyds Medical Group, there is no pressure to purchase treatment packages, as there is no hard selling involved.

These glowing reviews from satisfied customers clearly demonstrate why Lloyds Medical Group is a go-to aesthetic clinic in Singapore. With its commitment to service excellence, professionalism, cleanliness, and advanced treatments, Lloyds Medical Group provides an exceptional experience for anyone seeking aesthetic treatments. So, why not give them a visit and see the results for yourself?

Remember, maintaining your youthfulness is affordable, and Lloyds Medical Group is here to help you achieve your skincare goals. Peace and love from the Lloyd's team!