Kew Organics Facial Bar & Sugar K Organic Peel Bar (Cluny Court) Reviews: Your Go-To Place for a Refreshing Facial Experience

Looking to pamper your skin and give it the care it deserves? Look no further than Kew Organics Facial Bar & Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, conveniently located in Cluny Court. This hidden gem offers a range of facial treatments using all-natural organic products that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

When you step into Kew Organics, you'll immediately notice the pleasant aroma of their products, setting the tone for a truly enjoyable experience. The beauticians at this establishment are known for their warmth and thoughtfulness, ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout your visit.

One satisfied customer, 杨逸, expressed her delight, saying, "Really enjoyed the time here! The products smell good, the beautician very nice and thoughtful! Feel like a thorough cleanup for my face. I end up top up and buy facial products here." It's not uncommon for visitors to be so impressed with the treatment that they decide to purchase the organic facial products for home use.

Another customer, Jessica Fedora, visited Kew Organics for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. "The whole treatment is so relaxing. The products smell good, massage is good, and overall my skin feels the difference," she shared. The humble and homey ambiance of the place further enhances the overall experience.

Kew Organics' commitment to professional service and customer satisfaction is evident through the positive feedback they receive. Xiaohan Wang, who was referred to the facial bar by a friend, remarked, "This place has a good location. The service is professional. The specialist Mee did a good job in cleaning my pores and calming the skin. Well recommended!"

For those struggling with persistent skin issues, Kew Organics might just be the solution you've been looking for. Karen Ko shared her experience, stating, "I had really clogged pores and had tried facials at different places but absolutely NO IMPROVEMENT! Acnes are still appearing non-stop. Then someone recommended Kew Organics to me! And guess what, I have never looked back since!!!!! Pores are no longer clogged, and I absolutely love their organic products. I have very sensitive skin, and my therapist really took care of it! Highly recommended!"

The expertise of the beauticians at Kew Organics is highly regarded, and customers appreciate their attention to detail. Yue Ling praised the meticulous approach of the beautician, saying, "The beautician was very meticulous when treating my face and did a fantastic job getting rid of my closed comedones. She explained the skincare routine I may follow at home and recommended suitable treatment that would be best for my skin type. Highly recommend!"

Even those who don't typically visit facial parlors have been amazed by the Kew Organics Sugar K Peel Bar treatment. Joey Tay shared his positive experience, exclaiming, "I can immediately see the difference in my skin complexion, glowing, hydrated, and exfoliated after about 2 years of not doing facial treatment to my skin. Oh, and their product smells so good! I can't wait to try their full treatment, highly recommend."

Kew Organics has also received praise for their long-term impact on customers' skin. Renita Sirisena shared her transformational journey, stating, "Been going to Kew Organics since Dec 2020, and they have changed my skin dramatically! This was after the whole mask-wearing period where everything was clogged and unbalanced. Been enjoying the treatments, and they have also cut down the number of products I have had to use! Would highly recommend Kew to anyone who wants to invest in their skin!"

Cirong Chua, a loyal customer for the past two years, has found solace in Kew Organics' treatments and products. "I have got really sensitive skin, and by far, their treatment and products are the ones that I have used to solve my dry skin, acne-prone, and sensitive red skin. No hard selling, only service from the heart. My favorite outlet is still Cluny Court, away from the buzz of the city life."

Kew Organics not only focuses on providing effective treatments but also educates customers on skincare. James Teo shared his positive encounter, noting, "The therapist is passionate and patient in guiding me on how I can take better care of my face. I started to use purely Kew Organics products recently, and it indeed sets apart from other products I have used! The sincerity and passion in wanting my face to improve and flourish are commendable. Highly recommend!"

Lea has been a satisfied customer for a while, emphasizing, "I have been a happy customer for a while, and Kew Organics has never let me down! My natural skin texture has improved so much by seeing them, and I truly love their calming and soothing facials along with the great service. It is my favorite place :)"

HY, another regular visitor, highly recommends Kew Organics' facials. "Have been visiting their Cluny Court branch for a while, and highly recommend the facials by May. She is friendly, experienced, and professional. I've also noticed a difference in my skin conditions since using their products."

The therapists at Kew Organics are well-regarded for their skill and ability to tailor treatments to individual needs. Amazing Me praised their expertise, saying, "The therapists there are skillful and always choose the most suitable facial treatment and skincare products for the customers. Well done, girls! Always looking forward to doing the facial there each time!"

The helpful and accommodating therapists at Kew Organics ensure that your needs and preferences are heard. Paula Kenneally shared her positive experience, stating, "Give you a lot of time to talk through your requirements and preferences and work to your wants. Really like their express treatments - very efficient and effective but still very relaxing. Lovely, relaxing setup there too."

If you're seeking a facial experience that not only rejuvenates your skin but also nurtures it with natural and organic products, Kew Organics Facial Bar & Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is the place to go. Visit their website at to explore their products and services, or give them a call at +65 6767 3008 to make an appointment. Treat yourself to the care and attention you deserve at Kew Organics, and let your skin flourish like never before.