Joyre Skin Care - Nex Branch Reviews: Your Gateway to Glowing Skin!

Hey there! Are you tired of dealing with dull and dehydrated skin? Looking for a place that can revitalize your youth? Well, look no further because Joyre Skin Care at NEX is here to save the day! Located at 3 Serangoon Central, #02-27 NEX, Singapore 556083, this place is a hidden gem for all your skincare needs.

First things first, let's talk about the operating hours. Joyre Skin Care is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm, so you can easily squeeze in a visit no matter how busy your schedule is. Whether it's Monday or Sunday, you can count on them to provide top-notch service and pamper your skin.

Now, let's dive into some of the reviews from delighted customers. Lim Rae-En couldn't contain her excitement after her fourth visit to Joyre @ NEX. She noticed a tremendous improvement in her complexion, thanks to her facial therapist, Linda Wang. Linda's magical hands performed every stroke with precision, leaving Lim Rae-En with a lighter, brighter, and even rosy complexion. With such fantastic results, she now feels confident stepping out of the house with little or no makeup.

Another happy customer, Eunice Kueh, has been visiting Joyre Skincare for almost a year. She swears by her go-to beautician, Miya, who always provides professional and non-pushy advice. Miya understands the importance of maintaining skin hydration, especially in Singapore's humid weather. Eunice highly recommends Miya to everyone looking for a responsible and knowledgeable beautician.

It's not just about facials at Joyre Skin Care - they also offer body massages. Jani Jayan202 experienced the expertise of Win Win, who provided an excellent body massage. The office staff were responsive and provided nice and friendly service.

Mr. Yang can't stop praising Crystal and her team at Joyre Nex SkinCare for their excellent service and skills. Whether it's a facial or a massage, all the staff members are professional and well-versed in their craft. If you're seeking TCM services or skincare consultation, Mr. Yang wholeheartedly recommends Joyre Nex SkinCare.

Linda, one of the skilled beauticians, doesn't just excel in massage but also possesses extensive TCM knowledge, as mentioned by Cassandra Wong. She knows how to address your skin concerns with expertise and offers personalized treatments.

Detox Recipe Benny expresses gratitude for the super warm and friendly services at Joyre Nex Skin Care. Manager Crystal and her team made Benny feel like a VVIP and provided genuine concern and care for their skin problems. What's even better is that there was no hard selling involved. Benny felt comfortable throughout the treatment and is eager to visit again and recommend it to others.

Left by Joanne, an enthusiastic customer, praises beautician Miya for her cheerful nature and skillfulness. Miya always knows what treatment is best for Joanne's skin, resulting in better and healthier skin. Joanne highly recommends Miya for anyone in search of a responsible beautician. And guess what? Miya is not the typical hard-sell type, making her even more likable.

Win Win, another talented staff member, receives a big shout-out from Sng Shaun. Win Win has the magic touch to identify and address the root cause of any pain, providing a satisfying experience.

Jasmine Phong had her first visit to Joyre Skin Care and was impressed by the welcoming service. The staff took the time to understand her concerns, examine her skin, and propose suitable treatments. There was no hard selling or hidden costs, and they even pointed out the GST. During the two-hour session, they explained the process and shared valuable tips to improve Jasmine's skin. The immediate softness and smoothness of her skin left her delighted. She also appreciated the extra one-hour chat where she gained more knowledge from Charmaine and Jia Jia.

Fieee txq had an enjoyable time at Joyre Skin Care, thanks to the excellent skills and experience of beautician Miya. The friendly staff, including Charmaine, made the experience even more pleasant. There was no hard selling involved, making it a highly recommended place.

Jen Ng had a nice experience at Joyre Skin Care, with exceptional service provided by Yoyo. Yoyo did an excellent job with the facial, and although she didn't constantly push for package sign-ups, Jen ended up signing one because of Yoyo's exceptional service.

Avery Wong couldn't be happier with Yoyo's excellent service. Yoyo was attentive, informative, and provided such a great experience that Avery plans to recommend her to friends.

Last but not least, Shen Een Liew commends the good service, convenient location, and great ambiance of Joyre Skin Care. Facial therapist Mia receives high praise for her exceptional skills.

So, there you have it! Joyre Skin Care at NEX is the place to go for all your skincare needs. With a team of skilled beauticians and therapists like Linda, Miya, Win Win, and Yoyo, you can trust that your skin will be in good hands. Visit them at 3 Serangoon Central, #02-27 NEX, Singapore 556083 or give them a call at 6386 1026. Get ready to experience a skin transformation like never before.