IYAC Aesthetic Clinic Reviews: Your One-Stop Destination for Skin Care

If you're looking for a top-notch aesthetic clinic that combines professionalism with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, then look no further than IYAC Aesthetic Clinic. Located in the heart of Singapore at Camden Medical, this clinic has been a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts since its establishment.

First things first, let's talk about the clinic's operating hours. IYAC Aesthetic Clinic opens its doors from Monday to Saturday, starting bright and early at 8:30 am and closing at 5 pm. So, if you're planning to drop by during the weekdays, make sure to schedule your visit accordingly. However, if you're a busy bee and need a late-night pampering session, IYAC has got you covered with extended hours on Thursdays, staying open until 7 pm. Unfortunately, the clinic is closed on Sundays, so that's the day to give your skin a break and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Now, let's get to the juicy part – what do people have to say about IYAC Aesthetic Clinic? Well, according to the Google reviews, the clinic has received heaps of praise from satisfied clients. Tricia Bluerain, one happy customer, expressed her delight at the friendly and meticulous staff, as well as the excellent ambience of the clinic. It seems that the light music and relaxing atmosphere truly work wonders in soothing both the mind and body. Another customer, Joyce Tan, commended the clinic's comfortable ambience and the friendly and attentive staff, particularly highlighting the great skincare products and the refreshing feeling after each treatment.

Dr. Isabelle Yeoh, one of the esteemed doctors at IYAC, has garnered a loyal following over the years. Jessica Van Hamme, a long-term patient, praised Dr. Yeoh's friendliness, care, and dedication to her work. Similarly, Olga Raynes has been a frequent visitor to IYAC for a decade and consistently experiences highly professional and personalized treatments. With consistently good outcomes, Olga highly recommends both the clinic and Dr. Isabelle Yeoh.

Speaking of satisfied customers, Kiran D shared an incredible transformation story. After struggling with problematic acne for years, Kiran found Dr. Yeoh's treatment to be life-changing. Unlike other dermatologists who solely focused on medication, Dr. Yeoh took a holistic approach, considering the root cause of the acne and suggesting valuable changes that had a significant impact on both skin and overall well-being. Kiran also praised the friendly and professional staff, highlighting their quick attention to any questions or concerns.

Clara Lee, another long-term patient, appreciates Dr. Yeoh's holistic approach to skincare. Instead of solely focusing on visible problem areas, Dr. Yeoh takes an interest in her patients' overall well-being and lifestyle. For skin maintenance, Clara has found IYAC to be her go-to place and has happily recommended it to her friends.

Dr. Isabelle Yeoh's expertise extends beyond skin care. Angela Lau sought her help with troubled skin plagued by rosacea, and Dr. Yeoh not only provided treatment but also advised Angela on treating the symptoms from within. By recommending a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and a cleanse, along with suitable treatment plans, Dr. Yeoh helped Angela achieve amazing results and receive countless compliments on her skin. Angela also appreciated the friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere at IYAC.

Dr. Chung, another skilled doctor at IYAC, has left a positive impression on customers as well. Serene Tan praised Dr. Chung's advice on achieving the best skin and body wellness, which includes both external care and supplements. Furthermore, the clinic's fantastic customer care team consistently provides excellent service.

Donna Ang had a delightful experience at IYAC, feeling cared for and comfortable under the guidance of Dr. Chung and her team. Dr. Chung promptly addressed any discomfort during treatment and offered alternative solutions to ensure patient comfort. Donna appreciates the effort Dr. Chung takes to remember her issues and offer good advice and follow-up. The professional and knowledgeable staff, especially Xiao Yu, made her feel at ease, and she found IYAC products, particularly the White Lotus Intensive Oil, effective for her skin type.

Diane Fern rediscovered the magic of Dr. Isabelle Yeoh's treatments after 15 years, highlighting her ability to achieve a natural look with treatments like botox and fillers. Diane appreciates Dr. Yeoh's meticulousness, patience, and honesty, as well as the clinic's welcoming atmosphere. After treatments, she feels refreshed and rejuvenated, as if she's been on a long holiday.

Emily Tan has had a positive experience with BB Laser Treatment by Dr. Chung. While the treatment focuses on pores and evening out the skin tone, she noticed smaller pores, improved skin tone, and brightened skin after just one session. Emily commended Dr. Chung's straightforward advice and genuine concern for achieving the desired results. She also praised Amanda, who ensured her comfort throughout the pre- and post-laser facials. The cheerful and helpful staff, along with the clinic's comfortable ambiance, added to the overall satisfaction.

Jessie Ong values Dr. Yeoh's meticulousness and consistency. Dr. Yeoh always focuses on what is best for her customers, which keeps Jessie coming back and trusting her with her skin. Jessie also recommends the White Lotus Intensive Oil and is delighted with the positive effects of the Stem Cell Sleeping Mask.

Mei Hu believes IYAC offers the best facial in town, praising the high and consistent standard of treatments. The well-trained and friendly staff make patients feel at home, and therapists go above and beyond to understand individual skin needs. Mei recommends Ice, a skillful, gentle, and thorough therapist who pays attention to detail.

Dr. Yeoh's expertise extends beyond individual patients, as Mei Yeap can attest. Mei and her teenage daughter both trust Dr. Yeoh's advice and product recommendations. They appreciate the clinic's holistic approach and the personable staff who make them feel at home, even during the circuit breaker period.

Celeste Neo has been a loyal customer of IYAC for over a decade. The comfortable environment, relaxing music, and soothing facials provide a retreat-like experience. She also praised the staff for going the extra mile. Celeste appreciates the lightweight and non-greasy nature of IYAC's products, allowing her to wear them comfortably throughout the day.

Siobhan Kennedy has seen a remarkable improvement in her skin since visiting IYAC. The fabulous staff and high standard of treatments have contributed to her positive experience. Siobhan's personal favorites among the products are the Stem Cell Repair Essence, Nutrient Serum, and Stem Cell Sleeping Mask. Her skin feels hydrated and clearer, a significant change from being constantly told her skin was dehydrated. The Nano Gold Day Cream is also a hit, providing moisture without feeling heavy, which is perfect for Singapore's hot climate.

With countless satisfied customers and rave reviews, it's clear that IYAC Aesthetic Clinic is a trusted destination for skincare and aesthetic treatments in Singapore. Whether you're seeking personalized care, natural-looking results, or a holistic approach to beauty, IYAC and its dedicated team of doctors and staff are here to cater to your needs. So, why wait? Give them a call at 6738 9989 or visit their website at iyac.com.sg to schedule an appointment. Get ready to experience top-quality skincare and embrace your most