IDS Clinic (Novena) Reviews: Your Go-To Place for Skincare Solutions!

Hey there! Are you on the lookout for a reliable skincare clinic in Singapore? Well, look no further because IDS Clinic in Novena has got you covered! Situated at 8 Sinaran Dr, #05-10 Specialist Center, this clinic is renowned for its effective treatments and friendly atmosphere.

Opening Hours Made Convenient for You!

At IDS Clinic (Novena), they understand that your schedule can get pretty hectic. That's why they offer flexible opening hours to ensure you can always find a time that suits you. From Monday to Friday, the clinic is open from 10 am to 8 pm, giving you plenty of opportunities to squeeze in a visit after work. On Saturdays, they're open from 10 am to 5 pm. Just keep in mind that IDS Clinic is closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly.

Rave Reviews from Satisfied Customers!

Don't just take our word for it—listen to what IDS Clinic's customers have to say! One happy customer, Shiminlow, had struggled with oily skin and clogged pores before discovering IDS. According to them, the treatment at IDS was highly effective, and the prices were reasonable compared to other facial companies. Shiminlow was particularly impressed with the thorough extraction done by Therapist Kym and the efficacy of the products endorsed by dermatologists.

Gerald Koh, another satisfied customer, expressed his pleasant experiences with the friendly and professional doctors and staff at IDS. He has been consulting Dr. Lum for his skin concerns for over two years and can't speak highly enough about the quality of care he receives. Gerald also praised the knowledgeable consultants, like Kym, who provide excellent recommendations without any hard-selling tactics.

Attention to Detail and Personalized Care!

When you step into IDS Clinic, you can expect nothing less than personalized attention and care. Sally Yeo was delighted by the attentive approach of Dr. Ian, who prescribed the best products for her dry, sensitive skin. She appreciates the logical and systematic approach IDS takes in designing her daily skincare routine. After just a week of using the recommended products, Sally noticed remarkable improvements in her normally problematic skin.

D Zhng had been struggling with stubborn acne before finding solace at IDS Clinic. They found the doctor, Dr. SK Tan, to be friendly, professional, and patient. The treatments and products recommended by the clinic proved effective, and D Zhng's complexion improved tremendously without the need for oral medication.

Trust and Long-Term Relationships!

Building trust is vital in any relationship, and IDS Clinic has earned the trust of its customers. Callie Boh, a long-time customer, shared that the reason she continues her relationship with IDS is because of the trust she has in her doctor, Dr. Ian, and her consultant/therapist, Chrislyn. Dr. Ian provides honest and professional advice, ensuring Callie feels comfortable and well taken care of during every visit. Chrislyn, the consultant/therapist, is known for her professionalism and attentiveness, always recommending suitable treatments based on Callie's skin condition.

Mary Nelson, a loyal customer for over a decade, spoke highly of Dr. S K Tan's kind, sincere, and caring nature. Having also consulted with Dr. Ian, Mary has found both doctors to be polite, caring, and professional. The entire IDS team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing excellent care.

Effective Treatments and Pain-Free Procedures!

One common theme among IDS Clinic's reviews is the effectiveness of their treatments. Dougan1981 was bothered by oil glands below their eyes, but with the recommendation of therapist Tina and the expertise of Dr. Ian Tan, they underwent a painless laser treatment that yielded impressive results. Edith Milesi has been seeing Dr. SK Tan for over 20 years, maintaining flawless skin thanks to his professional guidance. With a wide range of effective treatments and products, IDS Clinic is a go-to destination for skincare concerns.

A Warm and Friendly Environment!

IDS Clinic ensures that the experience of every customer is pleasant and comfortable. F Y shared their positive experience with Dr. Ian's professional and skillful treatment for acne and scarring. Consultant Kym patiently explained the necessary products and steps, while therapist Suhming conducted the extraction with great care.

Desiree Chia battled freckles and age spots for years until she discovered IDS Clinic. After just one treatment, she noticed a significant difference in her skin. Dr. Lum and Sammi's expertise, combined with the recommended products and treatment combinations, have led to continued improvements in Desiree's skin.

No More Covering Up with Makeup!

Tania Su's journey with IDS Clinic began three years ago, and she has never looked back. After years of struggling with bad skin and relying on heavy makeup, Tania saw remarkable improvements in her skin's health and appearance. Dr. Ian and consultant Kym have provided consistent care and guidance, completely transforming Tania's skin. Now, she confidently steps out with her natural, glowing skin—no more need for foundation!

Skincare Solutions for Everyone!

At IDS Clinic, they understand that every individual's skin is unique. Shu Pei Ong consulted Dr. SK Tan when faced with sudden cyst formation on their face. Instead of opting for surgery, Dr. Tan used his expertise to zap away the cysts using an electric method. Kym, their consultant, suggests suitable skincare solutions and bundles that cater to their specific needs. IDS Clinic has been their skincare partner for years, providing effective treatments and solutions.

Affordable and Worthwhile!

Brandon Wee found IDS Clinic through a friend's recommendation. As someone with oily skin and clogged pores, they were thrilled with the effectiveness of the treatment. Brandon also highlighted the reasonable pricing at IDS Clinic, making it a great value for money compared to other facials. The fact that IDS products are backed by dermatologists further adds to their credibility.

Say Goodbye to Acne and Hello to Clear Skin!

If you've been battling acne, IDS Clinic is the place to be. Joan Ng had tried multiple clinics without success until she found Dr. Ian Tan. With laser treatments, facials, and the right products recommended by IDS, Joan's acne-prone skin has significantly improved.

Cindy Ng had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lum, who recommended suitable products and procedures for her skin. Within two months, her acne problems were cleared up, leaving her with radiant and blemish-free skin.

Expertise and Care for All Ages!

IDS Clinic is known for its experienced and caring doctors. Hippopo Tamus has been under Dr. SK Tan's care for over 15 years, entrusting their family's skincare to him. Dr. Tan's kind, friendly, and professional approach, along with the products he recommends, have received praise from friends and relatives who marvel at Hippopo Tamus' radiant and youthful-looking skin.

Suzanne Ho had a great experience at IDS Clinic, thanks to the friendly and professional Dr. Lum. Suzanne appreciated Dr. Lum's focus on her concerns and her ability to recommend highly effective procedures and products. Tina, the consultant, kept Suzanne informed about promotions and appointments, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Dedicated Nurses and Great Doctors!

Lastly, Alice Ong had a fantastic experience with the nurses at IDS Clinic, particularly Rachael, Angel, Yenny, and Charmaine, who provided excellent service with their cheerful and beautiful demeanor. Dr. SK Tan and Dr. Ian Tan were also instrumental in helping Alice with her skincare concerns. The effective products and treatments at IDS Clinic have made a noticeable difference in Alice's skin.

In Conclusion

IDS Clinic in Novena, Singapore, offers a wide range of effective treatments and products to address various skincare concerns. With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable doctors, consultants, therapists, and nurses, IDS Clinic ensures that every customer receives personalized care in a warm and friendly environment. The positive reviews from satisfied customers highlight the clinic's expertise, professionalism, and the remarkable improvements they have experienced in their skin. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy skincare clinic, IDS Clinic is highly recommended!

For more information and to book appointments, visit their website at or give them a call at 6568 3555.