IDS Aesthetics (Novena) Reviews: Your Go-To Clinic for Skin Concerns

Hey there! Are you on the lookout for a reliable clinic to address your skin concerns? Look no further than IDS Aesthetics in Novena. Situated in the Novena Specialist Center at 8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, this clinic offers a range of aesthetic services and products that will leave you with better skin than ever before.

IDS Aesthetics takes pride in providing top-notch services that cater to a variety of skin issues. Whether you're struggling with acne, scarring, or other dermatological concerns, their team of professionals is here to help. The clinic operates from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 8 PM, ensuring that you have ample time to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

So, what sets IDS Aesthetics apart from other clinics? Just ask the satisfied customers who have shared their positive experiences on Google reviews. Jeth Ng, a loyal customer, highly recommends IDS for its effective aesthetic services and products. According to Jeth, the therapists, like Kym, are not only sincere and friendly but also highly professional in delivering their services. Dr. Ian, another member of the IDS team, ensures that treatments meet the unique needs of each patient.

Cocorinnnee, who has been battling acne and scarring for over a decade, finally found relief at IDS Aesthetics. After several sessions, Cocorinnnee noticed significant improvement in her skin condition. What's more, Cocorinnnee appreciated that the clinic didn't engage in hard-selling packages or products. The excellent customer service and warm, friendly staff made her experience even better.

Mikka Wee had her skin professionally checked at IDS for the first time and left impressed. The knowledgeable and patient specialists, led by Dr. Ian Tan YS., provided Mikka with valuable information and guidance. Mikka also praised the clinic's range of skincare products, mentioning favorites like the Vitamin C Serum and the Sunblock. Impressed with her experience, she vowed to return and highly recommended IDS Aesthetics.

If you're looking for monthly facials, Kei S. suggests IDS as the go-to clinic. Jojo, a skilled therapist, ensures that each facial is tailored to the individual's skin condition and age. Kei appreciates the fact that Jojo only recommends necessary products and that extractions are done without leaving scary red spots or patches. Thanks to their monthly facials and a consistent skincare routine, Kei no longer worries about sudden breakouts.

Conradd Chua also had a positive experience with IDS Aesthetics' facials. After analyzing the condition of his skin, the clinic recommended a facial specifically tailored to his needs. After just three sessions, Conradd noticed a significant improvement in his skin condition. He highly recommends IDS for its effective treatments.

Gabriel Tan, a regular customer for many years, considers IDS Aesthetics the savior of his skin. Despite being in a bad place, Gabriel's skin has significantly improved thanks to their products and diligent facials. Grateful for the positive transformation, he expresses his heartfelt gratitude to IDS.

Jess Puan commends IDS Aesthetics for their excellent service and products. The clinic's cleanliness and brightness were impressive, and Jess has been a loyal customer for treatments for three years. The therapists, especially Tina, are gentle and skilled, making the experience enjoyable. Jess highly recommends IDS.

Shu Pei Ong, a satisfied customer for the past four years, always looks forward to her monthly facials at IDS. Jojo, her designated facial therapist, showcases her skills, especially during extractions. She carefully selects suitable masks for Shu Pei's skin condition, ensuring a wonderful facial experience. Shu Pei appreciates that Jojo never engages in hard-selling and highly recommends IDS for facials and skincare products.

May C., a client for a year, eagerly anticipates her weekly facials at IDS. The experienced and friendly therapists have made a significant difference in her sensitive skin. May has noticed great improvements and wholeheartedly recommends IDS Aesthetics. She especially loves their cyro and instant power lift treatments.

Alice Ong highlights the super-friendly nurses at IDS, with a special mention of Ally. The experienced and patient doctors, like Dr. SK Tan and Dr. Ian Tan, provide tailored treatments for different skin types. Alice's confidence in her improved skin has soared, thanks to IDS. She expresses her utmost gratitude to the clinic.

Tay Min Min has been a loyal customer of IDS Aesthetics for about three years. She loves their AAT treatment, which has significantly improved her skin condition. Tay Min Min gives a shout-out to her meticulous therapist, Jojo, who ensures every treatment is perfect. She highly recommends IDS Aesthetics.

Vera Mao highly recommends the Hydratherapeutics Treatment at IDS. The microdermabrasion and extractions helped clear her clogged pores and minimize their size. Thanks to the Vitamin C serum, applied using a device for deeper penetration, Vera's skin is now brighter and smoother. She encourages everyone to try this facial once a month.

Tania Su shares her journey to better skin with IDS Aesthetics. After years of struggling with various facial packages and frequent breakouts, Tania finally found consistent care and guidance at IDS. Dr. Ian and beautician Kym from IDS Novena Clinic have helped her achieve clean, glowing skin, eliminating the need for foundation. Tania is incredibly grateful for the transformation.

Edith Milesi has been seeing Dr. SK Tan at IDS for over 20 years. She emphasizes his friendliness and professionalism, as well as the flawless skin she maintains with his help. If you're looking for help with skin problems or other aesthetic needs, Edith urges you to visit IDS, where the staff and doctors are attentive to your specific needs.

Suzanne Ho has been receiving regular facial therapies at IDS for a year, and the results speak for themselves. Her skin condition has improved significantly, becoming brighter and clearer. Suzanne praises the therapists for their professionalism and friendliness.

With so many satisfied customers praising the services and products at IDS Aesthetics, it's clear that this clinic is a winner. Whether you're in need of aesthetic treatments or quality skincare products, IDS is the place to go. So why wait? Take the first step towards achieving better skin and book your appointment at IDS Aesthetics today!