Goh K S Skin Clinic Reviews: Your Go-To Skin Specialist

Hey there, folks! Looking for a skin specialist who's got your back? Look no further than Goh K S Skin Clinic! Situated in the heart of Paragon Shopping Centre at 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore, this clinic is the place to be if you're in need of expert care for your skin problems. Let's dive in and find out more!

First things first, let's talk about their operating hours. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 9 am and closing up shop at 5 pm. On Saturdays, they have shorter hours, running from 9 am to 1 pm. Unfortunately, they're closed on Sundays, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

Now, let's get to the juicy part—what do the patients have to say about Goh K S Skin Clinic? Well, according to the trusty Google reviews, it seems like this place is highly regarded by those who've experienced its top-notch service firsthand. Let's take a look at what some of the satisfied patients had to say:

Kim Hong, a pleased parent, had nothing but praises for Dr. Goh. He commended the doctor's meticulous approach and the clinic's cleanliness. Kim Hong's daughter and helper both received excellent care, resulting in a speedy recovery. If you're in need of a skin specialist, Kim Hong highly recommends Dr. Goh.

Talia Chow had a rough time with itchy rashes that just wouldn't quit. After seeking help from numerous general practitioners, she was lucky enough to stumble upon Dr. Goh. With a prescription for stronger antihistamines and steroid creams, Talia's rashes improved within a week. She expressed her gratitude for Dr. Goh's patience, affordability, and life-saving treatment.

Lay Kheng Tay's family physician recommended Dr. Goh, and it turned out to be a match made in dermatological heaven. Lay Kheng Tay appreciated the doctor's professionalism, personal touch, and dedication to providing top-quality care. Dr. Goh took the time to explain the condition thoroughly, never rushed, and ensured that unnecessary treatments were not prescribed. And all this at very reasonable fees!

Hadassah Foong shared a heartwarming story of her husband's severe eczema and the reassurance provided by Dr. Goh. Despite the distressing condition, the doctor remained calm, promising effective treatment. Hadassah praised Dr. Goh's caring nature, reasonable charges, and willingness to go the extra mile for his patients.

Jermain Teo had a similar experience with his allergies. After multiple failed attempts to find relief, Dr. Goh came to the rescue. With a correct diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan, Jermain's allergies vanished in no time. He appreciated the doctor's patience, expertise, and regular follow-ups.

Ray Liew found solace in Dr. Goh's attentive and caring nature. Taking the time to thoroughly examine the skin condition, Dr. Goh ensured that his patients understood their situation without feeling rushed. Plus, the consultation fees were affordable, and the prescribed medication worked like a charm.

Chang Ariel valued Dr. Goh's experience and his ethical approach to medicine. Instead of pushing unnecessary products, the doctor recommended cheaper alternatives available outside the clinic. Ariel appreciated Dr. Goh's professionalism, especially when compared to other dermatologists who seemed more focused on plastic surgery.

Wendy Lim had a pleasant experience with Dr. Goh's skills during a shave procedure. Impressed by his patience and expertise, she didn't feel a hint of pain throughout the process. Wendy's verdict? Excellent!

Joyanne Ruth praised Dr. Goh for being a good, patient, and experienced doctor. She found comfort in his detailed explanations about her skin condition, leaving her well-informed and at ease.

Joey Koh, a loyal patient, described Dr. Goh as caring, gentle, and sincere. Having consulted with him for six years, Joey's trust in Dr. Goh's expertise and character has only grown stronger.

Ahad Amjad had a simple yet powerful review—highly recommended!

Based on these rave reviews, it's safe to say that Goh K S Skin Clinic is the place to be for all your skin-related woes. Dr. Goh's expertise, combined with his genuine care for patients, has left a lasting impression on those who have sought his help.

So, the next time you're facing a skin problem that needs expert attention, remember Goh K S Skin Clinic at Paragon Shopping Centre. Dr. Goh's expertise, reasonable fees, and friendly approach will surely make your experience a delightful one. Don't hesitate to reach out to them at 6735 0111 and make an appointment. Your skin will thank you!