DRx Clinic Reviews: Your Go-To Destination for Beauty Treatments

Are you in search of a top-notch clinic that provides excellent beauty treatments? Look no further than DRx Clinic! Located at Tong Building, 302 Orchard Rd, Singapore, this clinic offers a wide range of services to cater to your beauty needs. From acne treatments to facials and laser therapies, they have it all. The clinic operates from Monday to Saturday, with convenient hours from 10 am to 8 pm. However, they are closed on Sundays. So mark your calendars and plan your visit accordingly.

DRx Clinic has garnered quite a reputation, as evidenced by the glowing Google reviews from satisfied customers. Let's take a look at what some of them have to say.

Cats 4ever had a fantastic experience at the clinic, praising the friendly and professional staff. Natalie, in particular, stood out for her helpfulness and informative nature. She provided detailed explanations of each treatment without being pushy. Cats 4ever ended up purchasing two packages and left the clinic feeling satisfied. With such a positive encounter, they are eagerly looking forward to future visits for more beauty treatments.

Gerald Tan, a loyal customer for the past 10 years, was impressed by DRx Clinic's brand new space. The revamped clinic reflects the premium treatment options and services available. This classy update ensures that customers receive top-notch care for their skin concerns, especially acne treatment.

Long Jieyi also commended DRx Clinic for their exceptional service. Consultant Joyce left a lasting impression with her friendly and professional approach during Long Jieyi's first visit. Even months later, when Long Jieyi reached out again, Joyce was still helpful and patient in providing the best solution for their skin needs. Long Jieyi appreciated Joyce's genuine efforts and follow-up after the treatment. With professionals like Joyce, DRx Clinic comes highly recommended for those seeking the right skincare solutions.

Alicia Ler had an enjoyable experience at the clinic during her second visit. Mandy, the staff member attending to her, was personable and tried her best to address her concerns within her budget. On her first visit, Alicia had Dr. Koh, who was patient and meticulous in examining her face. For the second visit, Dr. Luther took care of her. Alicia found him friendly and genuine, and they chatted like old friends. Despite being warned about possible minor discomfort, the session went smoothly. Alicia expressed her gratitude for the comfort provided by the DRx Team and eagerly anticipates her next "me time self-care" session at DRx Clinic.

Lishan Lim, a long-time customer, shared her positive experience with DRx Clinic. She has been receiving facials and laser treatments, and her skin has significantly improved over time. Lishan also praised the reasonable prices for the services provided. Moreover, the clinic boasts experienced dermatologists and therapists. Its strategic location near Orchard MRT adds to the convenience, making it an accessible choice for all.

JH Lim consistently has a pleasant experience during their visits to DRx Clinic. The friendly and professional staff, including Dr. May, have been accommodating and helpful. Dr. May's gentle and nice approach made the experience even more enjoyable. Mandy and Joyce, with their informative and detailed explanations of treatments, deserve a thumbs-up for their service.

k Tang expressed their satisfaction with the professionalism of the clinic's staff, particularly Pinky. Pinky's knowledge on the different treatment packages and her advice on what suits individual concerns were highly appreciated. Pinky patiently addressed questions and concerns, leaving a great impression.

d jedd was pleasantly surprised by the clinic's beautiful, posh, and clean environment after renovation. The ambience is wonderful and adds to the overall experience. They expressed gratitude towards Dr. Koh for his patience, caring nature, and attentiveness during their treatment, especially for the rejuran eyes injections. They even dozed off during the procedure, which reflects Dr. Koh's careful and skillful execution. A big thank you to the DRx Team for their efforts.

Chris Fung was impressed by the excellent service provided by Christina. Her helpfulness, care, and experience stood out. She took the time to explain all the treatments in detail and offered guidance on product usage. Chris highly appreciates Christina's professionalism and would gladly recommend her to friends.

Cherayl Soh was delighted when DRx Clinic opened a new outlet at PLQ Mall. The friendly and helpful team always made her feel at ease. She appreciated that the staff were not pushy, allowing her to make her decisions without any pressure. Cherayl trusts DRx Clinic for all her ongoing beauty and maintenance needs.

Loren Jesica praised Dr. Koh for his knowledge and friendliness. The treatment he recommended showed visible results within just a couple of visits, leaving Loren very happy. Loren's consultant, Karen, was also incredibly helpful and ensured to check in after each treatment. Both Dr. Koh and Karen come highly recommended.

Sim Vivien highlighted the professionalism of the doctors at DRx Clinic. They provide expert diagnoses and recommend the right treatments for individual needs. Dr. Luther Chung, in particular, stands out for his thoroughness and valuable advice on skincare. The treatment process at the clinic is seamless, with minimal wait time according to scheduled appointments. Customer Service Officer Christina is also commended for her helpfulness and willingness to listen to concerns before providing recommendations. 

With such positive reviews, it's clear that DRx Clinic is a reliable and customer-oriented choice for all your beauty needs. So why wait? Visit DRx Clinic and experience their exceptional services firsthand. Get ready to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence with the help of their skilled professionals.