Dr SN Wong Skin Specialist Clinic Dermatologist Reviews: Your Go-To Dermatologist for All Your Skin Needs

Hey there, folks! Looking for a kickass dermatologist who knows their stuff? Well, look no further because Dr. SN Wong Skin Specialist Clinic is here to save your skin, literally! Located at 3 Mount Elizabeth, #07-09 Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore, this place is the real deal when it comes to taking care of your precious skin.

Now, let's talk about their hours. They're open from Monday to Friday, starting at 9:30 AM and closing at 5:30 PM. On Wednesdays, they've got a bit of a sleep-in, opening at 10 AM and closing at 7 PM. Saturdays are for the early birds, as they open their doors at 9 AM and wrap things up by 1 PM. Unfortunately, they take a well-deserved break on Sundays, so make sure to plan your skin emergencies accordingly.

You wanna chat with them? Give 'em a ring at +65 6733 3629. Oh, and if you wanna do some digital stalking, their website is http://www.drwongsuni.com.sg/. Go ahead, click away!

Now, let's dive into the juicy stuff: the reviews. We've got some real fans of Dr. Wong here. Noreen I. has been to multiple specialists and tried out various aesthetic dermatologists, but guess who takes the crown? That's right, Dr. Wong! According to Noreen, this doc is dedicated, honest, and comprehensive. And hey, she even leaves the clinic feeling like a smarter patient every time. Props to the clinic staff for being kind souls too!

Next up, we've got Mitch Pon. This loyal patient has been under Dr. Wong's care for a whopping 14 years, and they have no intentions of going anywhere else. They trust her like a lifeguard at the beach, and the results of the Radiesse treatment she's given them have made them one happy camper. With Dr. Wong always staying up-to-date with the latest technology, she takes beauty and cosmetics to a whole new level. Talk about a confidence boost!

Carl So wants to shout out the clinic for helping his brother regain his confidence. After spending 15 years working as a Marine Engineer, his brother's hair took a beating from all that heat exposure. Luckily, the manning agency recommended Dr. Wong's hair clinic, and boy, did they come through! With laser treatment discount packages and visible results in just a month, Carl couldn't be happier for his brother.

Moving on to Shania Han, who's tackling acne scars head-on with Dr. Wong Su-Ni by her side. Throughout her treatment journey, Shania has found Dr. Wong to be professional, friendly, and oh-so-knowledgeable. The good doc patiently addresses all of her concerns and queries, and she's a stickler for post-treatment care. If you need some skin-saving help, Shania highly recommends this fabulous dermatologist.

ST Lim made a pit stop at the clinic on a Saturday morning, and guess what? They saw the doctor right on time! Talk about a rare occurrence in the world of medical appointments. During the consultation, Dr. Wong listened attentively, ticking off each concern like a champ. And before diving into treatment, she made sure to explain the procedure and what to expect afterward. Attention to detail? Check. Clear explanations? Check. ST Lim is one satisfied customer.

Kathy Low had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Wong SN, and boy, was she impressed. This doc has the experience, friendliness, and professionalism that makes you go, "Wowza!" Dr. Wong explained all the procedures with precision and even provided post-care instructions. Not only that, but the clinic staff also delivered excellent service. Double thumbs up!

Lastly, we've got David Goh, who found Dr. Wong's advice and guidance to be top-notch. Their medicine worked like a charm, waving goodbye to eczema problems within a few months. David is all about that high recommendation life.

And to wrap it up, Joyce sums it up with one simple statement: Dr. Wong is a very caring and experienced doctor. Smiley face, anyone? :)

So there you have it, folks. If you're in Singapore and in dire need of a dermatologist who knows their stuff, head on over to Dr. SN Wong Skin Specialist Clinic. With rave reviews like these, your skin will be in good hands. Stay fabulous!