Dr Priya Sen Skin & Laser Centre Reviews: A Magic Touch for Your Skin

If you're on the hunt for an amazing dermatologist in Singapore, look no further than Dr. Priya Sen Skin & Laser Centre. Located in the heart of Serene Centre, this clinic has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking professional and effective skin care solutions.

Dr. Priya Sen, a highly knowledgeable and skilled dermatologist, leads the team at this renowned centre. With years of experience under her belt, she has successfully treated numerous patients, leaving them with remarkable results. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including laser treatments, acne solutions, anti-aging therapies, and more.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Let's dive into the Google reviews and hear what the satisfied patients have to say.

According to Dolly Lakhiani, Dr. Priya Sen's skin products are simply amazing. She had lost hope of finding a cure, but Dr. Priya's products worked like magic. Dolly expresses her gratitude and blesses Dr. Priya abundantly.

Renying Ooi visited the clinic for a finger infection caused by a manicure treatment. Dr. Priya's professionalism and expertise impressed her. Not only did Dr. Priya provide a thorough explanation of the treatment, but the counter staff were also friendly and polite. Renying highly recommends the clinic to anyone seeking advice for skin problems.

Dhruva Aggrawal struggled with severe facial acne for six long years. However, Dr. Priya Sen's knowledge and expertise helped him overcome this challenge. In just a few months of following her treatments, Dhruva's skin improved immensely. He highly recommends Dr. Priya's effective products and treatments.

Tara Kishin had a wonderful experience at the clinic. Dr. Priya efficiently resolved her acne pigmentation issues with the perfect amount of product. Tara mentions that Dr. Priya's skincare range works wonders and has greatly improved her skin. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Priya and her team.

Bryan Acevedo commends Dr. Priya for her professionalism and knowledge in treating serious skin conditions. He feels confident under her care, and his condition has significantly improved. Bryan highly recommends Dr. Priya to others seeking effective skin treatments.

Sharon Brooks, a satisfied patient, declares that Dr. Priya is the best skin specialist in Singapore. She praises Dr. Priya's lovely personality and excellent skills. Sharon trusts Dr. Priya with her family's skin issues, ranging from rashes to acne to sunburn. She also admires Dr. Priya's product range and has been using it for over a year.

Michelle Tay and her husband both visited Dr. Priya for their skin concerns and were pleased with the treatment. She appreciates Dr. Priya's reliable expertise and recommends her Age Defence Body Oil and sunblock. Michelle regards Dr. Priya as a good doctor and recommends her to others.

Tracy McMahon couldn't recommend Dr. Priya Sen highly enough. After 18 months of struggling with her son's facial acne, Tracy found the solution at Dr. Priya's clinic. Tracy praises Dr. Priya's professional yet sympathetic approach, which suited her teenager perfectly. She now visits Dr. Priya annually for full-body skin check-ups and is a huge fan of her skincare range.

Josephine Yeo Kim Neo considers Dr. Priya her family's favorite dermatologist. She emphasizes Dr. Priya's intelligence, professionalism, and effectiveness in treating severe skin conditions. Josephine appreciates that Dr. Priya doesn't oversell her products and recommends her to friends.

Z Ang commends Dr. Priya for her effective treatments and efficient consultations. Z highlights Dr. Priya's proficiency and patience in answering queries. Z's skin has tremendously improved over the past five months, and the experience has been worth every penny.

Shruthi BR had a fantastic experience at the Skin Clinic. Dr. Priya and her team provided wonderful medication that effectively treated skin thickening on her neck and underarm. Shruthi expresses her gratitude to Dr. Priya and her team for their excellent care.

Saranya Velmurugan consulted Dr. Priya for her 13-month-old son's moderate eczema. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts with other creams, Dr. Priya's advice and topical creams resulted in complete remission for her son. Saranya recommends Dr. Priya to parents dealing with recurring or refractory eczema in their infants and young children.

Mamtha Shetty is grateful for Dr. Priya's professionalism and knowledge. Dr. Priya took the time to understand Mamtha's skin condition and provided suitable options. Thanks to Dr. Priya's expertise, Mamtha achieved the dream skin she had been longing for. Mamtha highly recommends Dr. Priya as a star dermatologist.

Mili Kale has been a long-time patient of Dr. Priya. She praises Dr. Priya for helping her with hormonal acne, scarring, and eczema. Mili appreciates Dr. Priya's friendly and accommodating nature, as well as her realistic and solution-oriented recommendations. Moreover, Mili credits Dr. Priya's PS Skin line, particularly the Vitamin C serum and face scrub, for transforming her skin.

Michael Zhang had an amazing experience with Dr. Delong. After the consultation, Dr. Delong explained his issues and recommended suitable products. Michael saw a significant reduction in his acne just one week after using the recommended medication.

Maddy Z has been a beneficiary of Dr. Priya's care since childhood. Maddy commends Dr. Priya for her comforting presence during difficult procedures. Maddy highly recommends Dr. Priya to patients of all ages.

So there you have it, folks—, Dr. Priya Sen Skin & Laser Centre has gained a stellar reputation for its remarkable results and personalized care. Dr. Priya and her team have successfully treated various skin conditions, leaving patients satisfied and grateful. Whether you're struggling with acne, eczema, or other skin concerns, Dr. Priya's expertise and effective treatments are here to help. Don't hesitate to make an appointment at her clinic and experience the magic touch for yourself. Remember, beautiful and healthy skin is just a visit away!