Dr Felix Li Medical Aesthetics Clinic Reviews: Your Go-To Place for All Your Aesthetic Needs

Hey there, folks! Looking to enhance your natural beauty and revitalize your skin? Look no further than Dr. Felix Li Medical Aesthetics Clinic. Nestled just a stone's throw away from ION Orchard, this clinic is your one-stop destination for all things aesthetic. Whether you're dealing with pigmentation issues, acne, or just want to achieve a flawless complexion, Dr. Felix Li and his amazing team have got your back!

Now, let's talk details. You can find Dr. Felix Li Medical Aesthetics Clinic at 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria Office Tower, #21-04, Singapore 238877. And guess what? It's super convenient to get there! You'll only need a 2-minute walk from ION Orchard to reach this haven of beauty.

Curious about their operating hours? They're open from Monday to Thursday, 10 AM to 7 PM, so you can easily squeeze in a quick visit during your lunch break. Fridays are a little different, though. They open at 11 AM and stay open until 8 PM, giving you some extra time to unwind after a long week. Saturdays are perfect for those weekend warriors, as they're open from 10 AM to 3 PM. Just remember to plan accordingly, as they're closed on Sundays.

Want to book an appointment or have some burning questions before your visit? Give them a ring at +65 9831 5418. But hold on, before you make up your mind, let's hear what their awesome clients have to say about their experiences at Dr. Felix Li Medical Aesthetics Clinic.

First up, we have Gwendyln Chong, who has been a loyal client for over 5 years. She loves Dr. Li's professionalism and friendly demeanor. What sets him apart is that he genuinely cares about his patients' needs and never resorts to hard selling. Plus, his skill is so top-notch that she continues to visit the clinic even after moving overseas. Talk about dedication!

Alan Tan also shares his great experience at the clinic. Dr. Li's expertise shines as he accurately diagnoses issues and suggests various treatments tailored to individual needs. And let's not forget about the friendly and knowledgeable nurses and therapists who make your journey at the clinic extra special. On top of it all, their prices won't break the bank. It's a win-win situation!

May Cheng simply describes her experience as "awesomeness." Dr. Felix Li's honest and humorous approach instantly puts you at ease. Hard selling? Not here! You'll receive honest advice and all the time you need to make informed decisions about your follow-up treatments. Kudos to Dr. Li and his team for creating a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Charlene Zheng, a loyal client for over 5 years, trusts Dr. Felix with her skin. His professionalism, combined with a friendly attitude, makes every session a breeze. No unnecessary procedures or hard selling here. A thumbs up for Dr. Felix and his amazing team!

But wait, there's more! Tangwenyi has been undergoing picosure laser treatments with Dr. Felix for almost a year and couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Felix's knowledge and confidence, along with the professionalism and friendliness of his team, make every visit a delight.

Margaret Goh recounts her consultation session with Dr. Felix Li and praises his patience and clarity in answering all her questions. The best part? The session lasted almost an hour, free of charge! No pressure to make immediate decisions here. Dr. Felix Li encourages you to take your time and discuss your options freely. Margaret is extremely pleased with her Ultherapy treatment and expresses her gratitude to Dr. Felix Li.

Jaime Lim shares her excellent experience with the entire team. Dr. Felix Li is approachable, professional, and provides practical advice that yields happy results. With her satisfaction so far, she plans to continue her sessions with them.

Looking for an honest aesthetic doctor? Look no further than Dr. Felix Li, according to Vicky Toh. After struggling with pigmentation for years, Vicky finally found a world-class doctor in Dr. Felix Li. Not only is he experienced and trustworthy, but his team is also amazing, helpful, and caring. Sounds like a match made in aesthetic heaven!

Etienne Ferrere highlights the clinic's convenient location, cleanliness, and the friendly and professional staff. Booking appointments and getting all your inquiries sorted is a breeze through WhatsApp. Dr. Jessica, another gem in the clinic, offers a thorough assessment of your skin and recommends the best treatment for you. And here's the icing on the cake—they won't push you to buy expensive packages or memberships. Talk about a refreshing experience!

Toh Marvin's wife had a pleasant first consultation with Dr. Jessica, who was attentive, patient, and knowledgeable. The laser treatment left her happy, and the staff at the clinic were fantastic. A big thumbs up to them!

Karolyn Choo continues to visit Dr. Felix Li because of his attention to detail and effective treatments. Seeing a difference in outcomes compared to competitors, she knows she's in good hands.

Zann Tang's confidence in Dr. Felix Li is unmatched. Each visit boosts her confidence in her skin, thanks to his professional advice. She highly recommends Dr. Felix to anyone seeking to treat skin conditions or simply achieve a radiant, dewy, and flawless complexion.

Isabel Tee struggled with acne for years but found a reliable companion in Dr. Felix. With the help of his amazing team, she's tried the Advatx laser treatment and experienced no hard selling, only great products. Finally, she can bid farewell to her acne troubles. Thank you, Dr. Felix!

Charlotte Chen appreciates Dr. Felix and his team's professionalism, friendliness, and most importantly, their honesty. With years of treatment under picosure and AdvaTX, her skin condition is now perfect by her standards.

Chantel Lee has known Dr. Felix since his clinic at Raffles Place, and she's always been impressed by his sincerity and kindness. He truly understands how to enhance your natural beauty. On top of that, she congratulates him on becoming a lecturer in aesthetic treatment. Talk about a well-rounded doctor!

Catherine Tan Sok Juan has been a devoted client since Dr. Felix's clinic at Malacca Street. She's been delighted with how he treated her face, particularly her pigmentation issues post-pregnancy. Every visit is pressure-free, with excellent therapists and staff to assist her.

Peggy Ng had two fantastic visits with Dr. Jessica Chua, one for Botox and another for Pico. Dr. Jess's detailed explanations and gentle approach impressed her. The clinic's top-notch machines and products further solidify her loyalty. She'll definitely be back for more!

Claire C highly recommends Dr. Jessica Chua for her unparalleled expertise and understanding of aesthetics. Dr. Jess patiently explains the clinic's services, making her an ideal choice for anyone seeking aesthetic treatments.

Mandalyn Tan had an excellent experience with Dr. Jess. She listened attentively to her concerns and provided suggestions without any hard selling. A definite return visit is in the cards!

And last but not least, Cheryl had a great time with Dr. Felix and his team. From Ultherapy to Botox and fillers, Cheryl was satisfied with the results. The team even follows up post-treatment, showing their commitment to patient care. If you're looking for aesthetic procedures, this clinic comes highly recommended!

So, folks, if you're on the hunt for a reliable and friendly medical aesthetics clinic in Singapore, Dr. Felix Li Medical Aesthetics Clinic is the place to be. With a dedicated team, top-notch treatments, reasonable prices, and a commitment to your satisfaction, they'll have you feeling and looking your best in no time. Book your appointment today and let the experts work their magic!