ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic (Westgate) Reviews: Where Beauty Meets Warmth

Looking for a top-notch aesthetic clinic in Singapore? Look no further than ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic, conveniently located in Westgate. With their friendly and attentive staff, you're guaranteed a warm welcome and an exceptional experience.

Operating hours at ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic are customer-friendly. They're open from Monday to Friday, with two time slots: 11 am to 3 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm. They've got you covered on Saturdays as well, from 10 am to 6 pm. Unfortunately, they're closed on Sundays, giving their hardworking team a well-deserved day off.

Customers who have visited ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic have left rave reviews on Google, praising both the staff and the quality of service. Natalie & Natalia Twinnies highly recommend the clinic, especially mentioning the friendly and attentive Rebecca who always makes them feel at home. Dr. Jeanel also received praise for her excellent work and ability to keep patients calm during treatments.

Yvonne Lau has been a loyal customer of Dr. Jeanel Goh since 2019. Yvonne commends Dr. Jeanel for her patience, knowledge, and fun personality. According to Yvonne, Dr. Jeanel always provides great advice tailored to her specific skin condition. If you're planning to visit ClearSK, Yvonne insists you seek out Dr. Jeanel for the best experience.

Tan Kah Lian enjoys her visits to ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic, particularly for facials and other aesthetic sessions. She appreciates the clinic's quality and reasonably priced products. The staff, especially Lee Fern, provides excellent customer service, displaying patience and professionalism. The clinic manager, Yuki, is caring and even reminds Tan Kah Lian to schedule her next appointment. Dr. Jeanel is also commended for her gentle touch in aesthetic treatments. Tan Kah Lian expresses gratitude to ClearSK for their top-notch service and soothing environment with soft background music.

诗然 expresses gratitude to Dr. Jeanel Goh for providing the best service she has ever experienced. Dr. Jeanel's thoughtfulness and knowledge as a doctor have left a lasting impression on 诗然.

Isabellanne Wongl highlights the excellent service provided by the ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic team. Yuki, the manager, is praised for patiently answering customer queries and going above and beyond to ensure they understand the treatments and products. Lee Fern, the therapist, is caring and provides detailed explanations before each procedure. Dr. Joanne and Dr. Jeanel receive accolades for their professionalism and helpful suggestions for customers.

Cera K describes her journey with ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic as a pleasant one. She credits Dr. Jeanel, Yuki, and Queenie for their patience, friendliness, and helpfulness in helping her achieve her skin goals. Cera appreciates the fact that there's no hard selling at the clinic, making every visit a positive and forward-looking experience.

Alice Chen has been a regular at ClearSK Westgate for a few years and has nothing but praise for the clinic's team. The manager, Kerin, showcases her exceptional consultancy skills, providing personalized care and treatment recommendations within customers' budgets. Dr. Teh, the aesthetic doctor, along with therapists Lee Fern and Queenie, complete the dream team at ClearSK Westgate, according to Alice. Their expertise, care, and jovial nature make every visit a delight.

Jeromy Ngian expresses satisfaction with the professional and caring approach of the ClearSK team. Dr. Jeanel's appropriate treatment recommendations and careful administration of treatments have resulted in improved skin for Jeromy. Yuki's knowledge and clear explanations of different services are also commended. Lifen, the therapist, is described as performing treatments professionally and carefully. Jeromy considers the team at ClearSK to be awesome, delivering results for their customers.

En Ai Liew is pleased with the good customer service and the significant improvement in her skin after ClearSK treatments. Her favorite therapist, Lee Fern, and Yuki, who always recommends the right treatment for her, contribute to her positive experience.

YH Che extends thanks to ClearSK Westgate for their professional and friendly service. The sincere and knowledgeable manager, Kerin, shares valuable beauty tips and never resorts to pushy sales tactics.

Kirei Ai has been a happy ClearSK customer for a couple of years. She acknowledges Dr. Jeanel, Yuki, and Li Fen for their splendid service, encouraging them to keep up the good work.

Lim Hui Yee enjoys her visits to ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic for treatments. The friendly and professional approach of Lee Fern and Kerin, the staff members, always makes her feel comfortable.

Adelyn Goh appreciates the opportunity to express her heartfelt thanks to the ClearSK team. She specifically mentions Dr. Shiau and Dr. Teh, who have significantly improved her skin complexion. Adelyn commends Lee Fern for her knowledge and friendliness, as well as Yuki and Kerin for their helpfulness in arranging her visits to the clinic. She urges them to keep up the excellent work.

ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic has garnered numerous positive reviews, highlighting the exceptional service provided by their dedicated team. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, led by professionals like Dr. Jeanel Goh, Yuki, Lee Fern, and Kerin, create a warm and welcoming environment for customers. If you're seeking quality aesthetic treatments with a personal touch, ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic is the place to be. Don't hesitate to pay them a visit and experience the magic for yourself!