BH Medical Aesthetics (Novena) Reviews: A Relaxing Haven for Beauty Needs

Looking for a place to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate your skin? Look no further than BH Medical Aesthetics (Novena), nestled in the heart of Square 2 at 10 Sinaran Drive #11-04 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore. This aesthetic clinic offers a range of treatments to help you achieve your desired look, all while providing a friendly and relaxed environment.

Operating hours at BH Medical Aesthetics are as follows:
  • Monday: 11 am–9 pm
  • Tuesday: 11 am–8 pm
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 11 am–8 pm
  • Friday: 11 am–8 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am–6:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
When it comes to customer reviews, BH Medical Aesthetics receives high praise from its satisfied clients. Michelle H stumbled upon their Facebook promo trial and decided to give it a shot. She found the clinic easily and parking was a breeze. The nurse and Dr. Gerald made her feel comfortable and explained the HIFU treatment in simple terms. Michelle had her face cleansed and numbed for 20 minutes before Dr. Gerald started the treatment. After experiencing the noticeable difference on one side of her face, Michelle looks forward to reviewing the results in three months' time.

Charm, another happy customer, highlights the friendly and helpful staff at BH Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Cecilia's skill and patience, coupled with her calming voice, made Charm's laser treatment a breeze. She noticed visible results, including an evened-out skin tone and reduced pigmentation, after a few sessions.

Doris ONG had her first experience at the clinic and was impressed by Dr. Cecilia's attention to detail. The clinic staff were also helpful and friendly, ensuring Doris felt comfortable throughout her visit.

Rashida Sehan recommends BH Medical Aesthetics, commending the expertise of the doctors and the kindness of the clinic assistants, Yvonne, Ann, and Esther. She had a great experience and witnessed visible results, making her confident in recommending the clinic to others.

Janice Chong found the clinic environment pleasant and clean. The doctors and staff were friendly and attentive, addressing her concerns and queries promptly and providing the assurance she needed.

Lee CBO expresses satisfaction with the treatment received, describing it as a pleasant experience. Dr. Cecilia, Yvonne, and the rest of the staff were professional, committed, and took the time to answer all of Lee's doubts and questions.

Eugene Seow has been a regular visitor to BH Medical Aesthetics and speaks highly of Dr. Gerald and the staff, including Esther, Yvonne, and Alla. He commends their professionalism and friendliness, emphasizing the positive results and experiences he has had.

Kristie tried out the fotona laser treatment at BH Medical Aesthetics and was thrilled to see immediate effects. The staff and doctors were friendly and provided valuable advice tailored to target her specific facial concerns.

Christine Kee feels comfortable and happy with Dr. Cecilia and Ann. She appreciates their attention to detail and the visible results achieved through their treatments.

Puay Geok Ong praises the support team at BH Medical Aesthetics, describing them as marvelous. They provided impartial assistance and information, ensuring customers make informed decisions about their treatments.

Serene Lee highlights the professionalism of Dr. Cecilia, Esther, Yvonne, and Ann. They explain each procedure in detail and offer excellent and friendly services, making clients feel at ease.

Anna Lim found the staff and doctor at BH Medical Aesthetics to be friendly and helpful. They not only provided treatments but also offered valuable advice for maintaining healthier skin.

Cheryl Kong values the excellent and personalized services provided. She appreciates the effectiveness of the products used and expresses gratitude for the friendly services rendered by Yvonne and Esther.

Soo Leng Lorraine Leong had a wonderful experience at BH Medical Aesthetics, thanks to the attentive staff and doctors. She witnessed good effects and improvements as a result of the treatments received.

Xiuyun Lin sums up her experience with BH Medical Aesthetics in just a few words, describing the clinic as nice and the staff as friendly.

With a plethora of positive reviews and satisfied customers, BH Medical Aesthetics (Novena) stands out as a welcoming and trustworthy choice for all your aesthetic needs. Whether you're seeking skin rejuvenation, laser treatments, or expert advice, BH Medical Aesthetics is committed to providing top-notch service and helping you achieve the best version of yourself.