Astique The Aesthetic Clinic Reviews: Where Beauty Meets Comfort

If you're looking for a top-notch aesthetic clinic in Singapore, look no further than Astique. Located in Shaw House, specifically at 1 Grange Rd, #12-02, just above H&M in Orchard Building, this clinic is a hidden gem in the heart of the city. Astique is known for its friendly staff, comfortable environment, and professional services that cater to your aesthetic needs.

Operating Hours That Suit Your Schedule

Astique understands the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is why they offer flexible operating hours. You can visit the clinic from Monday to Friday, between 11 am and 8 pm. If weekdays don't work for you, they've got you covered on Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm. Do note that the clinic is closed on Sundays. This allows the team at Astique to recharge and come back with even more energy to serve you during the rest of the week.

Raving Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Astique's reputation speaks for itself, as evidenced by the glowing reviews on Google. Customers can't help but sing praises for the clinic and its dedicated team.

Aik Chin Goh, a long-time customer, emphasizes the friendly staff and comfortable environment. A special shout-out goes to Shabeena, who consistently provides excellent care. Aik Chin Goh is a big fan of the dual yellow and radiance treatments offered at Astique.

Jacq L shares similar sentiments, having been with Astique for several years. Their laser treatments, tailored to individual needs, have been nothing short of positive experiences. Dr. Yong, the qualified doctor at Astique, explains treatments thoroughly, ensuring customers know what to expect. Jacq L also commends the skilled and personable facial therapist, Jessica, whose face massages are fantastic.

Tabitha Siying Tan trusts Astique as her go-to clinic for maintenance. She praises the clinic's professionalism and top-notch experiences. Tabitha feels welcome and confident in the hands of the clinic's experts.

Lisa Chuang shares her positive experience at Astique, particularly appreciating the honesty and patience of Dr. Yong. The staff, including Shabeena, Fion, and Jessica, are commended for their professionalism and friendliness. Lisa highly recommends the clinic to her friends and family.

V is impressed by how easy it is to communicate with Dr. Yong. The doctor takes the time to listen and discuss possible solutions, ensuring a gentle and quick treatment experience. There's no pressure to purchase unnecessary treatments, making the clinic a recommendation-worthy option.

Candice Low has been a satisfied customer of Astique for over four years. Dr. Yong's knowledge and professionalism, coupled with the friendly and helpful staff, have made her visits pleasant. The wallet-friendly treatments make Astique her go-to clinic for aesthetic facials and lasers.

sparkman07 discovered Astique online while searching for acne treatment. Both the doctor and staff were helpful in diagnosing and providing the appropriate treatment. After just a few sessions, sparkman07 witnessed excellent results and has continued to visit the clinic for skin maintenance.

bui bui zhuang has been a client of Astique for two years and is delighted with the service provided by Dr. Celine Leong and the clinic staff. The recommendation of the Radiance EX package has improved bui bui zhuang's previously dull-colored skin significantly. They express their gratitude to Astique for the positive transformation.

Yen Chia has trusted Astique for almost two years. Seeking treatment for adult acne and hormonal issues, they started with dual yellow treatments and were introduced to radiance ex for a rejuvenating and brightening effect. Yen Chia has never regretted following their suggestions, as their skin is now free from acne and looks brighter. The reasonable prices for regular laser patients make Astique a worthwhile option.

Fiona L's first experience with laser procedures was at Astique, and they have no regrets. Dr. Ng Hong Yi's patience and understanding, along with the clear explanations of procedures, put Fiona L at ease. The staff is friendly and extremely hospitable, making Fiona L hope to remain a client for many years to come.

Camellia Chan visited Astique to remove a birthmark, and after a few sessions, it completely disappeared. The friendly staff and doctors listened to her needs and provided suitable advice. Camellia has never regretted choosing Astique for her treatment.

Hua Qian Teo commends the super-friendly staff and excellent services at Astique. Their consultation always ensures a painless facial experience.

Alicia Ong has been a loyal customer of Astique for over two years. She appreciates that the doctors are not pushy and are always willing to listen. The warm and friendly staff are ready to help, making Alicia Ong highly recommend the clinic.

Jann Ang has been with Astique for many years and praises the staff and doctors for their dedication, promptness, and responsiveness to all inquiries and concerns. Jann Ang highly recommends this clinic to all the ladies out there.

Flora Koh has been relying on Astique for facial and laser treatments for three years. The attentive and knowledgeable staff always meet her needs and provide helpful assistance.

A.P highly recommends Astique clinic for anyone struggling with pigmentation issues. They found the clinic through a friend's recommendation and were pleased with the professional doctors, effective products, and the overall experience. Astique clinic is a reliable option.

Astique The Aesthetic Clinic: A Trusted Choice for Your Aesthetic Needs

Astique has gained a loyal customer base thanks to its friendly staff, comfortable environment, and top-notch services. With a team of professional doctors and knowledgeable staff members, the clinic ensures that each customer receives personalized and effective treatments. Whether you're seeking laser treatments, facials, or help with specific skin concerns, Astique is dedicated to providing you with excellent care.

Visit Astique at their convenient location in Shaw House or contact them at 6732 3801 to schedule an appointment. You won't be disappointed with the expertise and warm hospitality that awaits you at Astique The Aesthetic Clinic.