Asia Wellness Medical Centre Reviews: Your Go-to Aesthetics Hub!

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Looking for a top-notch aesthetics clinic in Singapore? Look no further than Asia Wellness Medical Centre! Located at 290 Orchard Rd, #13-07 The Paragon, this place is the perfect spot to pamper your skin and boost your confidence. With a team of friendly and knowledgeable doctors, led by the amazing Dr. Chloe Ho, you'll be in good hands.

First things first, let's talk about the clinic's operating hours. They're open from Monday to Saturday, starting at 9 am and closing at 7 pm. So, whether you're an early riser or prefer to have your treatments after work, they've got you covered. Unfortunately, they're closed on Sundays, but hey, even experts need a day off!

Now, let's get to the juicy part—the reviews from happy customers. Val X had a delightful experience at Asia Wellness Medical Centre. They praised the clinic's comfortable atmosphere and the friendly and skilled doctors. Dr. Chloe worked wonders on Val X's pigmentation and scars, injecting skinboosters and performing laser treatments. Impressed by the excellent service, Val X would gladly recommend this place to their friends and family.

Krystal Heng couldn't contain her excitement about her improved skin condition, all thanks to her favorite doctor, Dr. Chloe. Not only did she find the treatments pain-free and comfortable, but Dr. Chloe's expertise also guided her in choosing the best treatment options. Krystal also expressed her gratitude to Elise, one of the clinic's welcoming and friendly staff members.

Joanne X Ng had an amazing experience doing a yellow laser treatment with the gentle Dr. Chloe. The clinic's palace-themed decor created a warm and inviting ambiance that Joanne couldn't resist. Thrilled with the results, she's already planning to return for more treatments.

Samuel-Vanessa Lee fell in love with the clinic's environment, which exuded a palace-like charm. Trusting Dr. Chloe with her skin for years, she appreciated the detailed explanations she received whenever she had questions. If you have any skin concerns, Samuel-Vanessa highly recommends visiting Asia Wellness Medical Centre.

Veronica Lim found Dr. Chloe Ho to be incredibly patient in treating her acne issues and other skin concerns. Dr. Chloe's priority was to ensure a painless and comfortable experience for Veronica. On top of that, the clinic assistants were nice and friendly, adding to the overall positive experience.

Neo Lee couldn't stop raving about the clinic's good ambience and the friendly and helpful nature of Dr. Chloe and her team. Dr. Chloe attentively addressed Neo Lee's concerns, providing detailed suggestions and explanations without any pressure to upsell treatments.

M, a loyal patient, has been visiting Dr. Chloe for years, impressed by her detailed consultations and gentle approach. Dr. Chloe's reassurance and skillfulness during treatments always put M at ease. The friendly and attentive clinic assistants added to the positive experience, making every monthly visit something to look forward to.

Gneht Yalgnhc trusted Dr. Chloe Ho to treat their fine lines with Botox and fillers, achieving a natural yet youthful look. The treatments were virtually painless, and Dr. Chloe's patience in explaining procedures left Gneht Yalgnhc impressed. The staff members also provided great service, earning a thumbs up from Gneht Yalgnhc.

Samantha Wong had an excellent laser session with Dr. Chloe. The process was comfortable and pain-free, thanks to Dr. Chloe's gentle and skillful approach. The cozy and beautiful ambiance of the clinic only added to Samantha's positive experience.

Cynthia Chow commended Dr. Chloe's knowledge and willingness to share. The treatments were gentle yet effective, and Cynthia also had a great experience with Elise, who was friendly and helpful during her visits.

Happy Kaur had a fantastic experience at Asia Wellness. From the polite and friendly Elise to the encouraging Dr. Chloe, Happy Kaur felt well taken care of during her Hifu treatment. Trusting Dr. Chloe's expertise in recommending the best treatments, Happy Kaur wholeheartedly recommends Asia Wellness for all your aesthetic needs.

Camy Chia visited the clinic for Sylfirm X treatment with Dr. Chloe. Camy praised Dr. Chloe for her gentleness, professionalism, and expertise. The staff members were polite and helpful, and the clinic space was clean and inviting.

Soo Pei Ng opted for pico treatment with Dr. Chloe and found the experience to be good overall. Dr. Chloe's gentleness and explanations throughout the treatment, combined with the friendly nurses, made for a positive experience. Soo Pei Ng also appreciated that the clinic was not pushy at all.

Benjamin Tay had a comfortable and pleasant experience with Dr. Chloe's gentle approach during the treatment. The warm and friendly staff checked in on Benjamin the next day, showcasing their excellent service.

Jean Goh was captivated by the lovely staff at Asia Wellness. She admired their non-pushy approach to services. Dr. Chloe's patience, gentleness, and skillfulness made every visit to the clinic a delightful experience for Jean.

Kai Wei highly recommends Asia Wellness Medical Centre, emphasizing Dr. Chloe Ho's patience and dedication in addressing all questions and concerns. From start to finish, the experience is guaranteed to be pleasant.

Y S speaks highly of Dr. Chloe Ho and her team's treatments and service. Dr. Chloe's approachability and skillfulness in laser treatments for hyperpigmentation have left Y S loving the results so far.

S Hobbs stumbled upon Asia Wellness by chance, but they're glad they did. The friendly staff, clean facilities, and professional service won them over. Unlike other places with expensive consultation fees and high treatment costs, Asia Wellness offers reasonable prices. S Hobbs has found their new go-to for skin treatments!

There you have it, folks! With numerous positive reviews and satisfied customers, Asia Wellness Medical Centre shines as a must-visit aesthetics clinic in Singapore. From Dr. Chloe's gentle and skilled touch to the warm and friendly staff, you'll feel right at home while getting the best care for your skin. So, why wait? Treat yourself to a visit at Asia Wellness and let their expertise enhance your natural beauty!