APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic (Bukit Panjang Branch) Reviews

If you're looking for a trustworthy medical and aesthetics clinic in Singapore, APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic at Bukit Panjang Branch might just be the place for you. With its convenient location in Junction 10, it offers a range of treatments to address various skin concerns. From acne issues to pigmentation problems, the clinic has received positive reviews from satisfied customers.

One customer, Ng J, shared his experience with severe acne problems on his face and scalp. He praised Dr. Moses for proposing a suitable treatment plan and addressing all his concerns without pressuring him to make any decisions. The affordable treatment options provided by the clinic effectively resolved his skin issues, ultimately helping him regain his confidence.

Another customer, Hui Chin Lee (DoReMiFaSo), expressed feeling at ease during her first visit to APAX. She appreciated Dr. Moses and his team for their pleasant service, friendliness, and genuine care. The doctor's willingness to listen to her concerns patiently, answer questions, and create a comfortable environment made her feel valued as a patient. Moreover, the clinic's prices were reasonable, which added to her positive experience.

Huiyi Lee also had a great experience at APAX. She praised the friendly and helpful staff who made her feel welcome. Dr. Moses' professionalism and clear explanations about her laser treatment helped alleviate her anxieties as a first-time patient. The clinic's thoughtful touches, such as soothing music and warm tea, added to the overall positive experience. Huiyi Lee expressed her gratitude to Dr. Moses and the Apax team.

Mariko Sato, who was introduced to the clinic by a friend, commended the convenient communication with the clinic staff before making an appointment. She found the nurses helpful and the doctor professional. Notably, the pricing and service provided by the clinic stood out to her. While the prices were reasonable compared to her home country, she appreciated the doctor's extra efforts and kindness. The clinic's follow-up also impressed her, ensuring her well-being after her visit.

David Chia highlighted Dr. Moses' professionalism, patience, and sensitivity to his budget. After consulting with various aesthetic clinics in Singapore, he chose APAX due to the doctor's reasonable prices and genuine desire to improve his skin without overselling unnecessary treatments. David highly recommended the clinic for its honesty and customer-centric approach.

Bickerbanter, a customer seeking acne scar removal treatments, was pleased with the results obtained at APAX. Dr. Moses stood out for not pushing unnecessary topical creams, prescribing only what was truly needed. The friendly and helpful staff, especially Joan, further contributed to the positive experience. Bickerbanter highly recommended the clinic to anyone facing an emotionally challenging battle against acne.

Fiona Zg echoed the sentiments of many customers regarding the pleasant service, friendliness, and genuine care provided by Dr. Moses and his team. She appreciated the doctor's attentiveness to her concerns, patience in answering questions, and efforts to make her feel comfortable. Importantly, there was no pressure to spend money on unnecessary products or services. Fiona emphasized Dr. Moses' commitment to finding affordable and suitable treatments for her skin issues.

Elsy Lee, another satisfied customer, noticed a significant improvement in her acne problem within two months of visiting the clinic. She had been to many skin clinics before, but APAX stood out with its effective and straightforward skin routines. Elsy praised Dr. Moses' humility and the friendly staff, particularly mentioning Denise as a gem. She highly recommended the clinic for its simplicity and efficacy.

Gokila Vani had been visiting APAX since June 2021 and praised Dr. Ng's professionalism and attentive listening. For her daughter's skin issues, she found Dr. Ng's treatments and prescriptions effective. She also commended Dr. Germaine Toh for taking care of her own pigmentations, providing botox, and filler services. Gokila Vani was satisfied with the clinic's pricing and was grateful to have a good dermatologist in her residential area.

Siwei Zhong had been receiving facials at APAX for nearly a year and appreciated Dr. Ng's patience and professionalism in addressing her skin concerns. Since her condition was relatively mild, she purchased skincare products from the clinic and a package of Hydraplus facials. Denise, one of the clinic's nurses, consistently provided excellent and gentle care during her treatments. Siwei Zhong felt refreshed and rejuvenated after each facial.

Joshua Lau had been consulting with Dr. Moses at APAX since the beginning of the year for acne scar treatments. With two infini sessions out of four, he noticed significant improvement in scarring and pigmentation reduction. He commended Dr. Moses for his caring and dedicated approach, ensuring that patients receive the exact treatment they need. Joshua also praised the clinic's responsive staff, who catered to their needs promptly. He planned to provide an update at the end of his treatment.

Caleb Tan expressed his gratitude to Dr. Moses for successfully removing a skin tag that had been bothering him. The doctor's professional approach, clear explanation of the treatment, and the seamless assistance of Avelyn and Joan contributed to his positive experience at the clinic.

Fennie Tan appreciated Dr. Ng's patience, warmth, and friendly nature. She highlighted how he never pushed for additional services or packages and was always willing to share his views and advice. Making appointments with the friendly counter staff was easy and pleasant for her. Fennie Tan recommended the clinic to anyone in need of dermatological consultations, emphasizing the importance of happy and friendly faces in clinics.

Melissa, nearing the end of her acne treatment with Actonin (accutane/roaccutane), expressed immense happiness with the results. Dr. Moses' support, honesty, and genuine care throughout her journey made a significant impact on her confidence. The treatment's effectiveness surpassed her expectations, and she experienced a major improvement in her acne within the first month. Melissa acknowledged the initial outbreak of acne when starting the medication but felt reassured and encouraged by Dr. Moses. She credited her dietary adjustments, limiting dairy intake, for enhancing the accutane's effectiveness. Melissa felt grateful for Dr. Moses and his team, as they helped her gain newfound confidence and transform her skin.

AKeLa_ shiELa, although inconvenienced by the distance from her place, praised the professionalism of the nurses and the straightforward treatment provided by the doctor for her acne breakout. The friendly nurses made her feel comfortable, and she looked forward to achieving positive results.

Diana Bakar, who previously struggled with pimples and acne scars, found relief at APAX. After being assessed by Dr. Ng, she underwent Roacutane treatment, laser treatments, and facials. Her complexion improved significantly, and family and friends noticed a drastic change, leading to more compliments. Diana praised the friendly and welcoming staff, the convenience of the Whatsapp service, and the clinic's top-notch services. She expressed her gratitude to APAX for helping her gain confidence in her own skin.

APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic at Bukit Panjang Branch has garnered numerous positive reviews for its effective treatments, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and genuine care. Customers appreciate Dr. Moses' professionalism, patience, and commitment to finding the most suitable and affordable solutions for their skin concerns. With a customer-centric approach and a welcoming environment, APAX aims to help individuals achieve healthier and more confident skin.