How to Plant Aloe Vera Properly for Healthy Growth

Aloe vera, also known as the "Lidah Buaya" in Indonesian, is a popular ornamental plant that has many health and skincare benefits. Growing aloe vera at home is very easy and can be done by anyone, even beginners. Here is a complete guide on how to plant aloe vera properly.

Preparing to Plant Aloe Vera
Before planting aloe vera, make sure you have prepared all the necessary equipment. Some of the equipment required includes a pot, potting soil, organic fertilizer, and of course, aloe vera seedlings. Here are the steps for preparing to plant aloe vera.

1. Choose Aloe Vera Seedlings
Make sure you choose healthy and defect-free aloe vera seedlings. You can buy them from a plant store or take them from mature aloe vera plants that grow around your house.

2. Choose the Pot
Choose a large enough pot with a hole at the bottom for good drainage. The ideal pot for growing aloe vera is a medium-sized pot with a diameter of around 20-30 cm.

3. Prepare the Potting Soil
Aloe vera needs good potting soil to grow healthily. You can use a mixture of soil, sand, and organic fertilizer to make suitable potting soil.

4. Prepare Organic Fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is essential to help aloe vera grow healthily. You can use organic fertilizers available on the market or make your own using organic materials such as dry leaves, grass, or kitchen waste.

5. How to Plant Aloe Vera
After you have prepared all the necessary equipment, here is how to plant aloe vera properly.

6. Clean the Pot
Before planting aloe vera, clean the pot with clean water and soap to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be inside. Make sure the pot is dry before use.

7. Fill the Pot with Potting Soil
Fill the pot with the potting soil that has been prepared earlier up to half of the pot.

Plant the Aloe Vera Seedling
Plant the aloe vera seedling in the middle of the pot, taking care that the roots are not too deep or too shallow. Make sure that the aloe vera seedling is in the middle of the pot and the roots are well planted in the potting soil.

1. Add Potting Soil
Add more potting soil until the pot is full. Make sure the potting soil is leveled and the roots are completely covered.

2. Water the Pot
Water the pot with clean water until the potting soil is moist. Do not give too much water because aloe vera does not like stagnant water.

3. Place the Pot in the Right Place
Aloe vera needs sufficient sunlight to grow healthily but should not be exposed to direct sunlight continuously. Place the pot of aloe vera in a place that receives sunlight for about 4-6 hours per day, such as on a terrace or balcony that has morning or afternoon sun.

Routine Maintenance
Aloe vera is an easy-to-maintain plant. Some things to consider in maintaining aloe vera include:
  • Water the aloe vera every 1-2 weeks with clean water.
  • Do not give too much water because aloe vera does not like stagnant water.
  • Give organic fertilizer every 2-3 months to help aloe vera grow.
  • Make sure aloe vera is not exposed to direct sunlight continuously, as it can dry out and die.

With good routine maintenance, aloe vera will grow healthily and provide good benefits for your health and skincare.