10 Best Dentist in Longueuil, QC with Awesome Online Reviews

Top 10 Dentists in Longueuil

1. Clinique Dentaire Saint-Charles

Address: 520 Rue Saint-Charles O suite 1, Longueuil, QC J4H 2L6
Areas served: Longueuil and nearby areas
Products and Services: cliniquestcharles.com
Appointments: cliniquestcharles.com
Phone: +1 450-677-5505
Province: Quebec

“I had to take an emergency appointment late after midnight. The clinic conformed my appointment very quick which was such a relief.

Both the assistant (unfortunately I don’t remember her name) and the doctor (Dr. Vivien Kim) who took care of me were amazing (I am not a very easy patient as I am very scared of doctors, clinics and hospitals). They were both extremely understanding, kind and professional” - Saghi R. Garcia

2. Centre Dentaire Duquet

Address: 360 Rue Saint-Charles O, Longueuil, QC J4H 4E5
Phone: +1 450-463-1262
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: http://centredentaireduquet.com/

“I highly recommend Dr. Duquet as an incredible dentist to anyone looking for a true professional but also as a very caring and devoted person in general! They have a natural approach with less invasive ways and a respectful philosophy, which I found very reassuring. The amount of time and energy devoted to my treatments was extensive and their patience with me was touching! The entire staff is wonderful and I am most grateful to have them as my dental professionals.” - Marianne Trudel

3. Dentiste Longueuil - Centre Dentaire Maillé Malenfant

Address: 1185 Ch. du Tremblay local 280, Longueuil, QC J4N 1R4
Areas served: Longueuil
Phone: +1 450-677-9141
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://www.411sante.com/dentiste/monteregie/longueuil-2/dentiste-longueuil.htm

“Juste Wow !!! Tellement des gens merveilleux, patient, bienveillant. Notre famille entière du plus petit au plus grand vont à cette clinique et ils sont parfait! Mes enfants ont un excellent souvenir du dentiste, ma fille s’est fait réparer une carie et c’est comme si elle venait de se faire brosser les dents, comme si de rien était ! Ils sont tellement à l’écoute et soucieux des gens, je recommande fortement !!!” - Sabrina Marleau-forget

4. Centres dentaires Lapointe - Longueuil Guilbault

Address: 116 Rue Guilbault, Longueuil, QC J4H 1G2
Areas served: Longueuil
Phone: +1 800-527-6468
Province: Quebec
Appointments: centreslapointe.com
Products and Services: http://www.centreslapointe.com

“Amazing service. The clinic is so clean. The staff is very welcoming and courteous. Had my root canal taken care by Dre. Bastouli ( fantastic job) she was very attentive and I felt so comfortable. Highly recommend this place.” - Khadija Chahbar

5. Centre dentaire du Vieux Longueuil

Address: 350 Rue Guillaume, Longueuil, QC J4H 1S4
Areas served: J4G and nearby areas
Phone: +1 450-442-3700
Province: Quebec
Appointments: cddvl.com
Products and Services:

“I highly recommend this clinic. Everyone is friendly, professional and competent. Dr. Ousalem is a great dentist. She took her time to examine me, address my issues and spent a good amount of time explaining her treatment plan. She made me feel comfortable as soon as i met her.” - Anne Pham

6. Dental Clinic Benoit & Ass.

Address: 3180 Ch. de Chambly #201, Longueuil, QC J4L 1N6
Phone: +1 450-928-3368
Province: Quebec
Appointments: allodentiste.com
Products and Services: https://allodentiste.com

“J'ai eu le bo heur de faire connaissance avec la belle équipe ajd. Dr Benoît est un super vulgarisateur afin de nous faire bien  comprendre les soins et les méthodes préventives! Je commence mes traitements bientôt et je sais exactement le chemin à prendre.

Merci à toutes l'équipe!!!” - Luc Bernard

7. Clinique Dentaire Dr. Glenn Hoa & Dr Tran Nguyen

Address: 101 Boulevard Roland-Therrien #130, Longueuil, Quebec J4H 4B9
Areas served: Longueuil and nearby areas
Phone: +1 450-442-1717
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: http://www.411sante.com/dentiste/monteregie/longueuil-3/dentiste-longueuil.htm

“I was given an appointment for a root canal treatment very quickly (within 2 weeks), which was a lifesaver because I was in excruciating pain for a long period of time, while the earliest appointment I could get at other clinics was later than 2 months. So I rate their booking time highly.

Also, Dr. Tran and Veronique, are the ones who treated me, and they were great. They made me feel comfortable the whole time, were very attentive to me, and were very kind” - Kwency Castro

8. Centre Dentaire BLL

Address: 2200 Ch. de Chambly, Longueuil, QC J4J 3Z2
Phone: +1 450-670-2200
Province: Quebec
Appointments: centredentairebll.com
Products and Services: https://www.centredentairebll.com

“le personnel accueillant, l’hygiéniste Nathalie est de confiance à la fois douce et efficace La belle complicité du Dr Lavoie avec son personnel est remarquable. La ponctualité est remarquer ainsi que le respect et la confidentialité” - Lucie Binette

9. Clinique dentaire La Vallée

Address: 2066 Ch. de Chambly #300, Longueuil, Quebec J4J 3Y7
Areas served: Longueuil and nearby areas
Phone: +1 450-463-0050
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: http://www.centrelavallee.com

“I haven't had a cleaning in two years. The last place I went to (back in Coquitlam, BC) did one but it hurt, so when we moved I put this off... The dental hygienist, Carine, did me today and there was no pain! I'm so happy! They also made sure my two year old was entertained and distracted during her exam as well as while I did my cleaning. Carine and the dentist both ensured they explained everything in full, as well as giving me time for questions. It's efficient but not rushed! Really great experience.” - Kirsten Reis

10. Centre Des Arts Dentaires

Address: 3500 Ch. de Chambly, Longueuil, QC J4L 1N8
Phone: +1 450-670-2260
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://cdadentaires.com

“J’ai un très bon service à l’accueil. L’hygiéniste prend le temps de répondre à mes questions et de bien informer ( à ma demande ) au sujet de certains traitements dentaires ( ex: blanchiment dentaire ). L’hygiéniste se soucie de mon état tout au long du nettoyage. Je suis une patiente de cette clinique depuis que je suis enfant et je la recommanderait à un-e ami-e.” - Lynne Dupuis

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