10 Best Dentist in Hamilton with Awesome Online Reviews

Top 10 Dentists in Hamilton

1. Century Stone Dental

Best For: Invisalign, Dental Emergency, Orthodontics, Dental Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants, Gum Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, and Sedation Dentistry.

“Amazing staff! Dr. Christopher Sims and Lauryn were absolutely wonderful! My son (Jameson) was born with a lip and tongue tie had so many issues breastfeeding and bottle feeding, my poor little man kept getting gas because his lip tie wouldn’t allow him to make a seal on the bottle or my nipple and his tongue tie wouldn’t allow him to properly pull the milk…My midwives advised me to go to Century Dental to get both of them released. Lauryn was so great, I spoke to her on the phone before going and she was knowledgeable and helped me understand how releasing the lip and tongue tie would benefit my kid. Once I got to the office everyone was so helpful and nice! We met up with Lauryn who explained to us exercises will be doing for the next 6 weeks and the healing process! Dr. Christopher Sims then came in the room to do the surgery, surgery was so quick and done well! Dr. Sims took the time after the surgery to explain everything and show us the exercises! After the surgery they gave us time to feed and cuddle our little man until he felt okay to go home ! After a few days Dr. Sims himself sent me a text personally to check in on Jameson, not just once but a few times!! Amazing that he took the time to check in!  Definitely a great experience! Would recommend to get the surgery done here!” - chelsy leduc

2. Jackson Square Dental Centre

Best For: Orthodontics, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Root Canals, Emergency Dentistry, Dental Exams And Cleanings, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Veneers, and Tooth Whitening.

“Myself and my children all attend this dental office. My youngest is horrified of the dentist and unfortunately had a cavity that was deep and needed fixing. We tried several visits but he wouldn't let them fix it so we decided on sleep dentistry. Before and after care was beyond fantastic. From the nurse to the doctor and dentist it was effortless and his nurse went above and beyond to soothe him while he woke up until I came to the recovery area. Such a great team of professionals they have there!!! I cannot say enough! Thanks guys for always taking the best care of us” - Jenny Monaghan

3. Eastgate Dental Centre

Best For: Family Dentist, General, Cosmetic, and Emergency Dentistry Services.

“If I could give your staff and Doctor a million stars I would! Thank you so much for your time,  respect,  and patience with a challenging procedure. I was very nervous and sad, but you made me feel at ease and gave me comfort in the decision I was making.

Thank you for being upfront and also helpful with everything that concerned me and my dental care.

Bless you all.  I will be coming back as a patient, and will recommend to friends and family.” - Kristina Collier

4. Barton Dental

Best For: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Children’s Dentistry.

“This office is the best dental office I’ve ever been too. I just had an fall and walked in with a chipped bridge They took me right away, bonded the bridge to get me through the holidays. They are just absolutely amazing, from the receptionists to the hygienists to the dentist. Everyone is so kind, caring, and very attentive. If you are ever wondering if this is the right place for you, don’t hesitate, just book your appointment.” - denise yorke

5. Queenston Dental

Best For: Comprehensive Exam, Preventive Services, Restorative Procedures, Cosmetic Procedures, and Full and Partial Dentures

“I went in for the first time too get an assessment. They were efficient and very friendly and honest about the work I needed done. Doctor stated I may need two cleaning visits considering I hadn't been too a dentist in 10+ years. Went in for a cleaning, the dental assistant was very thorough in her cleaning of my teeth, only needed the one visit. Went in to get two cavities filled a few months later, I waited in the waiting room for maybe 5 minutes. They were very well prepared and efficient. They are amazing at Queenston Dental, I was blown away. Work was done very smoothly, next too no pain at all. The only pain I felt was in my jaw, only because I have a freakishly small mouth, it was difficult to open wide enough for the Doctor too work. But he did just fine and got me all fixed up. I was in and out, two cavities filled in an hour and a half. These guys are legit. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment.” - Matt Miller

6. Stonehill Dental

Best For: Family and Emergency Dentistry, Cosmetic Services including Invisalign, Braces, Veneers and Dental Implants.

“Came here to fix the teeth that was ruined by another dental office, thanks to Dr.Ajay and his assistant, the teeth that has been bothering me for 4 months is finally painless.

Great experience here, friendly stuff, professional doctors, and they use advanced machines and technology to help you have a better understanding of your tooth which I found very helpful.

The only con is that you have to pay the bill at the visit, it can be expensive, but this makes me feel more confident about choosing them, they must be excellent so that people would rather coming here instead of going to places that can do direct billing.

I’ve already recommended this place to my friends” - Z Zh

7. Sagewood Dental Care

Best For: Technology & Sedation, Preventive Care, Restorative Treatments, Family Dentistry, and Emergency Dentistry.

“Sagewood provides me and my family, including our young grandchildren, with top-notch dental care. They really listen to us and they take time to explain what needs to be done. They seem to have the very best in equipment and facilities, but most important are the staff: Dr. Yim is fantastic, as is everyone else on the team. They are all very friendly, patient and kind, and you feel that they really care about you both as a patient and as a person.” - Joanne Robinson

8. Queen King Dental Clinic

Best For: Porcelain Veneers, Zoom Whitening, Zoom Whitening, and Dental Implants.

“After several years without a cleaning, I was very nervous to go to a new dentist, but these folks absolutely blew my mind with how wonderful they were. I’ve never had a more positive experience with a dentist. They were very accommodating of my dental anxiety, they were communicative of every step of the (very thorough) new patient intake, and they even made time for me to get my fillings done before the end of the year so I could use my insurance up before the year end. I couldn’t recommend this dentist more, especially for those who have anxiety about the dentist. They have weighted blankets and other relief options, they let me listen to music during the appointment, and they allowed me to take breaks if I needed. Incredible folks over there!” - erica the suck up

9. Downtown Dental of Hamilton

Best For: Preventive Hygiene, Restorative Services, Cosmetic Services, and Invisalign.

“I just completed my Invisalign treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased!
Nam and Dr. Amato were so pleasant and accommodating. They both went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable each visit and I couldn’t have received better results from their work. Thanks again :)” - S P

10. Go Dental - Dr. Jan Hanna

Best For: Wisdom Teeth Extraction, White Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning, Root Canal Therapy, Nitrous Sedation, Invisalign, and Dentures.

“Dr Hanna took the time to show and explain everything to me. I was on a budget and in a emergency situation before my benefits kicked in after just going through low finances from the pandemic and they were happy to help. They also are taking care of my brother who needs lots of dental help, which I respect. The staff are always a delight to interact with. I’m really happy and grateful. I had a wonderful experience. I will continue going here for sure!” - SueStep

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