10 Best Dentist in Halifax with Awesome Online Reviews

Top 10 Dentists in Halifax

1. Lawen Dentistry

SERVICES: Wisdom Teeth Removal, TMJ Disorder, Preventative Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Snoring, Sedation Dentistry, Periodontics, Guards, Bite Appliances, Endodontics, Dental Emergencies, Dental Restoration, Dental Implants, Children’s Dentistry, Dentures, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

“I highly recommend Lawen Dentistry. The dentists are all excellent, skilled, sensible and caring. The staff are absolutely fantastic.  Front desk staff Ashley and Amanda are amazingly efficient, welcoming and kind. Dr. Lawen’s assistant Amanda (#2!) is a total pro and incredibly kind. I recently had a cleaning with Tara and she was marvellous and personable. I’m very nervous of dental procedures and everyone treats me with respect and ensures I am comfortable. I highly recommend this dental practice.” - L MacLeod

2. Herring Cove Community Dentistry

SERVICES: Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Therapy, Same Day Crowns, Implants, SureSmile, and Nightguards

“Just had the BEST dental experience of my life. The staff are all super great, the dentist is amazing. A solid 10/10 and will totally be recommending herring cove community dentistry to anyone and everyone whose looking for a sweet dental hookup. If you've got teeth, need teeth or just want someone to look in your mouth, these are the folks to see!” - C. Porter

3. Scotia Dental

SERVICES: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Treatments, Oral Surgery, Mouth & Night Guards, Snoring & Sleep Apnea, Periodontics & Gum Health, Myofunctional Therapy, TMD Treatment, Dental Sedation, and Dental Technology.

“My first visit for initial checkup was amazing! The staff and the dentist were so helpful and explained me everything. Overall it was well organized. I would recommend Scotia Dental clinic for anyone who wants to keeping their dental health on point.” - Dhaval Soni

4. Halifax Dental Group

SERVICES: After Hours Emergencies, Root Canals, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Custom Sport Mouth Guards, Dentures, Fillings, Dental Implants, Crowns, Invisalign, Inlays, Onlays, and ¾ Crowns, and Dental Cleaning.

“I've been a client for quite a few years. My experiences have all been positive. Staff are welcoming and professional. Cleanings with Angela are painless and she is always pleasant to chat with. Most importantly, I have great confidence in the advice given and work done by Dr. Creaser. He is always ready to answer any questions and to show me how things work using models and computer images and x-rays. All in all, I feel that my dental care is in great hands at Halifax Dental Group.” - George Spencer

5. Complete Family Dentistry

SERVICES: Dental Cleaning, Fillings, Root Canals, Crowns / Bridges, Extractions, Sedation/Sleep Dentistry, Whitening, Crooked Teeth, Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign, Sedation/Sleep Dentistry, Implant Procedure, Implant Costs, and Missing Teeth.

“Highly recommend Complete Family Dentistry. Dr Jakob Nickerson is really great at what he does. He goes above with his job and it shows. I've always struggled with having anxiety going to the dentist but he will go the extra mile to explain things to you, answer any questions you have and talk about any concerns. He never makes me feel rushed and thats really appreciated- you can tell he genuinely cares about all of his patients well being. Dr Nickerson and the rest of his team, dental hygienists, front desk admin all create a calm and welcoming environment and are all SO friendly! He gets dental work done in an efficient manner which I appreciate and the admin team are also really great at responding to emails etc really quickly!

Thank you to complete family dentistry for helping me get over my fear of dentists and for helping me keep up with keeping my teeth happy!” - Priscilla Rosa

6. Gladstone Dental Centre

SERVICES: Emergency Dental Services, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Root Canals, Invisalign®, and Cosmetic Services.

“Always excellent service, they are very upfront about costs and will give you the truth on your situation. They are very serious and passionate but do understand we are all human and can't always be perfect. Cleanings are relaxing, and Dr.Mo has the steadiest hands for numbing and sculpting near perfect fillings. They have always ensured everything felt right before I'd leave and are always kind.” - Anthony Power

7. Parkland Dental

SERVICES: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Services, and Invisalign.

“I’ve been an anxious dental patient for years which has on occasion left me not keeping up on care as well as I should. My coworker suggested parkland dental and I have been more than impressed. Everyone has been kind, I’ve been given more information and explanations for procedures than I ever have in the past and I really appreciate it. I’m so glad I’ve been able to find a dental clinic that doesn’t cause me any anxiety. Highly recommend!” - Shaunn Goodwin

8. Spryfield Dentistry

SERVICES: General Dentistry, Dental Appliances, Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergencies, Invisalign, and Children.

“Had a very good experience today at the spryfield dentistry. Dr. John Kaiser, his dental assistant and Receptionist Karen were great. He explained the problem clearly and answered all my questions and was very friendly. He booked the next appointment for me real quick as I do not have much time to wait with the dental issue I have right now.

My second appointment went really great. Dr. John Kaiser clarified all my queries and he is the best dentist I have seen so far. Highly recommend this place.” - Prasanth Gunasekaran

9. Halifax Dental Studio

SERVICES: Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Jenine Arab O'Malley since 2018 when I came back from a travel assignment up north. We didn’t have dental insurance at the time and I needed an urgent filling. We weren’t sure if she was able to save the tooth and may have needed a root canal.

She got me in quickly and filled the tooth, 4 years later I have no issues with it at all.

She is highly preventative with treatment and fillings and catches any issues I’ve had early. I would recommend having some solid dental insurance or have a discussion about the cost of the visit before starting work.

Since seeing her my dental health has improved significantly. I also now have a bite plane and have had teeth cosmetically shaped. Every visit is one on one with her and she is able to do any fillings or work you need on the same day. No two week callback appointments for a single filling. The service is fast and personal.” - Adam Hemeon

10. Dr. Mark Sutherland Dentistry Inc. (DMS DENTISTRY)

SERVICES: Examination, Preventive, Restorative, Dental Implants, Cosmetic, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics Oral Surgery, and Oral Appliances.

“A really excellent and friendly service. I was visiting Halifax from London, UK, and a crown felt rather odd. The surgery was very busy that day but they sandwiched me in, which I know wasn't easy. The doctor and his team were excellent, giving me reassurance and advice on what to do when I returned to the UK. They removed the crown, cleaned it, and put it back, all with grace and good humour. Were I moving to Halifax, I would definitely sign up for the surgery. Many thanks to you and your team, Dr Sutherland. From Don, the singer.” - Donald Greig

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