10 Best Dentist in Gatineau, QC with Awesome Online Reviews

Top 10 Dentists in Gatineau

1. Centre dentaire de Gatineau

Located in: Plaza Gatineau
Address: 381 Boulevard Maloney E, Gatineau, QC J8P 1E3
Areas served: Gatineau
Phone: +1 819-663-8338
Province: Quebec
Appointments: cdentairegatineau.com
Products and Services: https://www.cdentairegatineau.com/

“I had the pleasure of visiting this dental office for a few years now and every visit has been a pleasant one. Dr. Dang and his staff always make the time to explain every detail and procedure. Your questions will always be answered with a positive reassurance. Dr. Dang always makes time for me even if it's for a quick check-up at the end of a cleaning. His presence is well-known for sure. Edith, the hygienist, takes care of EACH tooth because we all know each and every tooth matter! She does a thorough cleaning like no other! Trust me, I've had hygienist in the past who just did quick work and wanted it to be over. If there's a dental clinic out there you need to trust, you're at the right spot! I couldn't see myself receiving exceptional service anywhere else but here! Kudos to the one and only dental office that keeps me smiling! I highly recommend!” - B B

2. Clinique dentaire Dre Catherine Morin-Houde

Address: 1160 Bd Saint-Joseph Bureau 125, Gatineau, QC J8Z 1T3
Areas served: Gatineau
Phone: +1 819-525-7020
Province: Quebec
Appointments: dentistemorinhoude.com
Products and Services: https://www.dentistemorinhoude.com

“I have had great experiences with Dr Morin Houde’s services. From the reception (Roxanne) to assistant (Sarah), the hygienists and Dr Morin-Houde herself … they have me smiling again after a challenging bout of radiation that was damaging for my teeth.

Thank you

Highly recommended.” - Jim Coffey

3. Centre Dentaire Touchette

Address: 1124 Bd Saint-René O, Gatineau, QC J8T 6H1
Areas served: Val-des-Monts and nearby areas
Phone: +1 819-568-4616
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://centredentairetouchette.com

“J’ai vu mon dentiste Dr.Tamim, excellent comme toujours pour me rassurer et expliquer les détails de mon traitement. Je suis très satisfait de ma clinique dentaire en qui j’ai entièrement confiance, aussi du bon service qui est très efficace quand à la sécurité et normes sanitaires en temps de pandémie. J’ai été impressionné de l’accueil, les employés sont chaleureux et courtois. Vraiment, un grand MERCI au Centre Dentaire Touchette, vous êtes les meilleurs !” - Daniel Meunier

4. Dental Clinic Dr.Mansouri

Address: 260 Bd Saint-Raymond suite 111, Gatineau, QC J9A 3G7
Areas served: Gatineau
Phone: +1 819-595-3444
Province: Quebec
Appointments: cliniquedentairemansouri.com
Products and Services: https://www.cliniquedentairemansouri.com/

“Legendary service!
First of all, they answer the phone calls actively. If that's not enough they followed up on me as I had 2 wisdom teeth taken out.

Then they gave me an emergency appointment on the following day as I was feeling REALLY BAD.

They didn't charge me for the next day emergency appointment which was amazing!

In short, they are just amazing!” - uabir

5. Centres dentaires Lapointe

Address: 520 Bd de l'Hôpital, Gatineau, QC J8V 2P5
Phone: +1 800-527-6468
Province: Quebec
Appointments: centreslapointe.com
Products and Services: http://www.centreslapointe.com

“Après avoir vu un dentiste de Gatineau qui n’a pas su être à l’écoute de ma douleur insupportable et qui m’a recommandé le mauvais traitement, j’ai décidé d’aller chercher un deuxième avis chez Lapointe et quelle joie. Ma douleur est partie après 24h. Je recommande cette clinique dentaire pour son professionnalisme, son expertise et son excellent service ultra rapide et efficace.” - Julie Gendron

6. Dentiste Du Plateau

Address: 525 Chem. Vanier, Gatineau, QC J9J 1Z4
Phone: +1 819-684-9999
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://www.dentisteduplateau.ca

“Amazing experience for me! I have not seen a dentist or hygienist in 11years. My hygienist did an amazing job and when I asked her to go back in an area she did not hesitate. After the cleaning then hygienist stated I brush my teeth very well and that the cleaning was very minimal. Upon consulting with the dentist I had far more criticism on yhe state on my teeth then her. We only agreed on three not quite cavities to fill. I would have insisted on more but the dentist stated they are not there yet. I don't feel like they are out to get money and genuinely care for you mouth as needed” - gitterbug0513

7. Dentisterie Aylmer

Address: 366 Chem. d'Aylmer, Gatineau, QC J9H 1A5
Areas served: Aylmer
Phone: +1 819-685-3368
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://dentisterieaylmer.com/

“We just love this clinic as it has a certain calmness upon entering the reception area. There is  waterfall mounted on the wall that is relaxing and is nice to bring the outdoors in.

This clinic is great with my two (2) special needs sons. My oldest was with Luis and he helped teach him how to brush properly. My youngest had the best experience with Selene a.k.a. Ana he was very social with her and that is a huge relief for us.

This clinic is like a good tasting pizza. It has just the right amount of cheese and perfectly toasted represents the front desk who are respectful and efficient and helpful.

The toppings have to be chunky and not minced this represents the dental Hygienists who are excellent. They are patient and show you how to improve your brushing and flossing.

The Clinic Managers represent the sauce just enough to make the dough flavourful. We met with Catherine and were very impressed by her knowledge and caring personality.

Dr. Winlow and the other dentists represent the crust that hold the pizza together. Dr. Winlow is very gentle and kind and I knew that we made the right decision in choosing this clinic.

What really excited us about this clinic is each dentist has his or her own specialty. Therefore, you are getting specialized service that is tailored to your dental needs.

Having our dental needs met here was the best decision that I ever made!” - Tigress

8. Chiasson Chantal Dr

Address: 207 Bd du Mont-Bleu Suite 201, Gatineau, QC J8Z 3G3
Areas served: Gatineau
Phone: +1 819-595-8383
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://www.chiassonetlajoie.ca

“Lors de l'extraction d'une dent, la dentiste Chiasson et l'assistante dentaire ont agi de façon professionnelle, avec empathie et en s'assurant de recueillir mes commentaires et suggestions au cours du processus. Je me suis sentie respectée, en sécurité et partie prenante de cette intervention. Les renseignements écrits fournis avant et après l'extraction m'ont permis de bien me préparer et de me rétablir de façon optimale. La dentiste Chiasson m'a même contactée durant la période des Fêtes pour répondre à mes questions, ce qui m'a beaucoup rassurée: Bravo et Merci!” - Danielle Poulin

9. Centre Dentaire Marleau & Généreux

Address: 153 Prom. du Portage, Gatineau, QC J8X 2K4
Phone: +1 819-777-7092
Province: Quebec
Appointments: marleau-genereux.com
Products and Services: https://marleau-genereux.com/

“Never imagined I’d have fun getting a tooth pulled but under the care of the doctor and hygienist I felt so safe, calm and in good hands.” - Lacey Gray

10. Groupe Dentis

Address: 61 Rue Bellehumeur #101, Gatineau, QC J8T 6K5
Areas served: Gatineau
Phone: +1 819-246-9191
Province: Quebec
Products and Services: https://groupedentis.com

“Super friendly staff and dentists, made me feel at ease even though I didn't tell them about my anxiety, charged me a price which was BEYOND reasonable. They truly care about their patients and I would recommend them any time.” - Ms KarMagick

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